5 Ways To Make Your WordPress Website Faster

Posted on Apr 09 2019 by in high quality Wordpress themes WordPress 

There are few things more important in web administration than site speeds. After you have published your first post with WordPress, you start paying attention to your website load times. Fortunately, there are many ways to make a website faster. But, not all of those strategies are practical for beginner website administrators, who often use services like WordPress to manage websites easily. Web administrators of WordPress sites should start improving site speeds using simple techniques. These tactics are developed to address the specific challenges unique to the web management platform. Find out the top ways to make your WordPress website faster in the post below.

Download A Caching Plugin
WordPress admins should be sure to download a caching plugin. A good WordPress caching plugin will dramatically increase website speeds. Thankfully, all of the best caching plugins are available for free with WordPress. For example, the W3TC plugin has over 1 million installations to date. These types of tools will make WordPress websites faster by boosting load speeds and improving tech business infrastructure overall. For beginner WordPress administrators who need to make a website load faster, installing one of the top caching plugins is easiest ways to do it.

Optimize Your Images
Another quick way to boost website speeds is to optimize site images. Images and graphics require the most memory resources. They also comprise the majority of most websites nowadays. Compressed images will require much less bandwidth than they would if they were left unoptimized. That will make them load faster. Sometimes, you might need to upgrade your WordPress hosting package to increase your resources. Ultimately, this will increase the overall speed of a WordPress website while loading images and other media. That is why image optimization and compression make your WordPress website faster.

Get Rid Of The Junk
Webpage administrators should also uninstall any unnecessary plugins. If a certain plugin has not been fully utilized within the last couple months, it is probably not one of the things needed to run a website successfully. So why should the plugin just there just taking up valuable space? That will only slow a website down and introduce potential security risks. On top of that, most premium WordPress themes already include features that would replace plugins. For site managers that want to speed up your website on WordPress, be sure to uninstall plugins that do not serve your goals as website administrator. That will free up space and make your website much faster.

Use A Good CDN
Use a Content Delivery Network, or CDN, to speed up your WordPress website. A content delivery network will make it possible to have servers all over the world, even for startup websites. A CDN caches your website on several servers around the world, serving the cached page from the nearest location. That will boost loading speeds for your website for all endpoints, no matter where in the world visitors are accessing a site from. Closer proximity to the server will decrease the lagging load speeds for users across the globe. That is why using a CDN is one of the best ways to improve your website load times for all visitors.

Create Comment Pages
When WordPress websites have a lot of comments, it can slow down loading speeds. In order to combat this, WordPress website admins should create comment pages for posts. This is another helpful way to boost website speeds. Separating comments into pages allows a single webpage to have less content on it during the initial load time. Then, if webpage visitors are interested in reading more comments, they can simply click a button and wait a short time for the additional data to load up. Ultimately, this makes for a much better user experience for those visitors on your page. If you want to speed up your website pages, make sure to split comments up into separate pages.

There are many ways to boost WordPress website speeds. Listed above are the top ways to make your WordPress website faster. If you need to improve website speeds, whether you manage a small or enterprise website or any other page, consider these steps. Start by downloading a caching plugin. If you need additional resources, upgrade your hosting environment while compressing images and getting rid of unused plugins. Then consider using a content delivery network or breaking comments down into separate pages. These strategies for boosting website speeds are sure to make your WordPress site faster than ever.