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With each passing year, WordPress marketing is becoming increasingly sophisticated. Today, it involves much more than introducing discounts and one-time offers to attract prospects. Instead, marketers have to identify the customer journey and focus their efforts on relevant messaging and personalised marketing strategies.

The first step towards personalised WordPress marketing is collecting customer data. Gathering relevant customer information helps you better understand the customer’s journey and tailor the ads to suit them. Unfortunately, customer data streams from different facets of your business, making it relatively challenging to access information when needed. That’s why you need a customer data platform.

A customer data platform helps you collect and unify customer data from various sources within your business. That makes data accessible since it creates a complete view of each customer, making it easier to access data for creating targeted and personalised marketing campaigns.

Although all these steps have made WordPress marketing more efficient, it has also complicated the marketer’s job. With all the different components that make up modern marketing, it can be relatively challenging to stay on top of every marketing activity manually. That’s where WordPress Marketing automation comes in.

What is WordPress Marketing Automation?

WordPress marketing automation refers to the use of plugins to automate regular marketing activities that you would normally handle manually on your WordPress website. It has a lot of similarities with cloud-based marketing automation apps. The only difference is that WordPress marketing automation is slightly easier with the use of plugins.

A WordPress plugin is a piece of software that adds new functionality/extends existing functionality on your WordPress site. Plugins help streamline the automation process by providing clear automation options that are easier to set up and use. Examples include:

  • Email marketing automation plugins
  • Form builder automation plugins
  • Sales automation plugins
  • Blog and content automation plugins

Benefits of WordPress Marketing Automation

Improved Conversion Rates

 Does WordPress have marketing automation?

Automating WordPress marketing makes your campaigns more efficient and effective. With various automation plugins at your disposal, you can A/B test campaigns and collect customer data, facilitating highly targeted marketing strategies. These result in more efficient marketing campaigns with higher conversion rates.

Time Saving

WordPress marketing automation plugins perform repetitive tasks that you would otherwise do manually. That saves your time and ensures these tasks are completed within the most efficient timeline.

Cost Saving

Although WordPress automation plugins cost money, it saves you from the need to hire a large in-house marketing team. That saves you the cost of paying salaries and purchasing the equipment they will need to run their operations.