We appreciate every customer who purchases a product or membership from SoloStream. We thank each one of you who has given us a chance to earn your business. To provide the best possible experience using our products, we ask you to recognize that support for your theme requires a two-way commitment:

Us: We are committed to ensuring that you receive quality working products and commit to standing behind all elements of our Support Policy.
You: You must be committed to first reviewing the support documentation and tutorials associated with the theme and, if necessary, follow our process for creating a support ticket request so that this will ensure the best and fastest response to your support request.

Support Schedule – When We Are Available

Please allow at least 24-48 hours for your support ticket to be reviewed and replied. Longer responses might be due to holidays or weekend support hours. We try our hardest to provide each of our SoloStream members with the best and top level customer technical support.

How to Get Support

Step One – Review the tutorials provided for the theme.
To access the tutorials, login to the SoloStream Member’s Page: http://www.solostream.com/members/

Step Two – If your answer can’t be found in the tutorials, please go to your member’s area and submit a support ticket request and someone from our support team will get back with you as fast as possible to help support you.

Theme Support Policy

SoloStream themes are sold as is. You can expect them to set up and work as you see on the demonstration site (this does not include the content) once the appropriate configurations have been made to the theme settings page. As part of your theme purchase, we include the following support commitment at no additional cost:

  • Delivery of working theme files as set up on the respective theme demonstration site.
  • Fixing of bugs that will be made available to all respective theme customers.
  • Troubleshooting in case you need to restore the default.
  • configuration of your theme (this does not include any customizations that you might have implemented).
  • Diagnosis of issues related to the specific plugins that SoloStream has incorporated into the theme.
  • Troubleshooting option selections made on the theme settings page.
  • Access to support documentation.
  • Free signup and unlimited access to our support forum.
  • Best practice recommendations to get the most of your experience using SoloStream themes and WordPress.

Important Notes Regarding Installation, Customizations, and Plugins

We do not offer free support for theme installation, customization, or WordPress administration.
Except for the plugins we include with a theme (they are listed on the theme installation instructions), we do not provide free support for third-party plugins that you are trying to use with one of our themes. The recommended first course of action is to deactivate all plugins that you are using and then turn them back on one by one to determine if there is a plugin conflict. Your next action should be to contact the plugin developer directly for support.

Any major customizations, such as adding an element from one of our other themes or changing a built-in function to use some other functionality, will be billable work. You should not expect free customization for any functionality not already provided in our themes.

Premium Support

We do offer Premium Support since many customers make change requests or encounter WordPress-related issues that are beyond their technical capabilities to troubleshoot or implement. We will quote these requests on an individual basis (hourly rates or project fees will apply).

Please note that you will never be charged for the resolution of any support that is determined to be caused by a bug with a SoloStream theme.