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I highly recommend SoloStream for a variety of WordPress website design projects. The custom theme options are robust, easy to use and come with full support. I have used them for many clients and my own businesses with great success. Anthony , Central Jersey Blood Center

Amazing Experience with SoloStream. We have purchased a WordPress theme for our client and got good response from client as the client liked the theme and its functionality was awesome. Vicky , Sharp Vision Consultants

I highly recommend SoloStream for a variety of WordPress website design projects. The custom theme options are robust, easy to use and come with full support. I have used them for many clients and my own businesses with great success. Anthony , Central Jersey Blood Center

SoloStream Themes are secure, responsive, flexible and adapt to different "environments" (mobile, laptop, iPad, etc...) I selected SoloStream because of their wide selection of themes AND the ongoing support they offer to those who use their themes. Alan , ADS Consulting

I first heard about SoloStream about 3 years ago from a friend who recommended their themes for WordPress. He had spoken well about the quality, speed and helpfulness of their themes and technical support. I decided to purchase WP-CHATTER which fitted... read the full story

We've used SoloStream extensively as part of the design process for building our websites. The support is excellent and the themes/templates have a nice clean feel to them. Fraser , Critical Impact

WP-Clear by SoloStream is the right template for beginners who want a basic blog - that doesn't look like a blog - and advanced users who want to create a media-intensive website. SoloStream's expert service team is very responsive in... read the full story Lawrence , Xeniors

Ive been using SoloStream themes for 6+ years now haven't switched,so that itself speaks a lot for myself and also for solostream wordpress themes which I love. Jerome , Megabyte Solutions Proprietor

SoloStream themes are some of the highest quality wordpress themes we have ever had the honor to work with. Rayvon , VizTV Media Services

I create websites using WordPress along with quality, well-designed templates such as the ones from the guys at SoloStream. Love the clean layouts and attention to detail. Great support too! Keely , Worthdesigning

srcoloStream Premium Themes create a Professional Image for your personal marketing websites and your client websites. Personal branding is crucial for your success as a business owner.In order to stand out as an authority in your industry and market, first... read the full story

Absolutely delighted that, with very little technical ability, I created this website. It's easy to edit, looks great and sells my product. Simon , Math Wrap

I wanted a site that would be easy to modify and also remain mobile friendly. SoloStream offered exactly what I ... was looking for. Along with being a well built template I needed to integrate a 3rd party plugin system for affiliate marketing. The plugin loads over a million products and other templates were over complicated when it came to editing the template files for my needs. SoloStream is by far the best template maker that I use for all my needs. SoloStream keeps it simple but up to date on new technologies which makes for a great partnership. Thank you SoloStream! Tommy , ThreadCorner

I recently took on the re-vamping of our regional lifestyle magazine's website using Radiance. I've been around web development for a number of years, but have never taken on a development project on my own. Your themes make it easy to look like a professional and convey the image we were looking for - clean and modern, yet filled with a ton of information for our readers. I can't thank you enough for creating themes that work well, have few issues and are capable of customizations that make them stand out from the rest. I'm hooked on SoloStream!

After searching the web for weeks, looking for a sleek yet bold, simple yet elegant design, I found WP-Bold and was immediately drawn to it. As a news and social media relations specialist looking to make the transition to the education sector, it was important to have a simple to navigate and impressive website highlighting my work in addition to my resume when looking for jobs. SoloStream's interface was easy to use with my intermediate experience in WordPress and the WP-Bold theme didn't steal the show but, rather, really allowed my work to stand out.

Dear SoloStream developers, Over the course of the website that I work for, users were constantly complaining about the non-responsive design and slow site loading as done by in-efficient PHP code in the theme that my old WordPress users had to undergo. Then I came across SoloStream and the 'WP Blossom' theme. My, did that site jump leaps and bounds in functionality, and I couldn't be happier! The site loads much faster, and I am very much in approval of the built-in formats and shortcodes. The enabling of this theme took my site from a minor league site straight up to the majors. Well worth the purchase and I will happily purchase another SoloStream theme! Keep up the good work! Steve , Eastern PA Weather Authority

After trying purchasing and trying 3-4 themes from different companies we settled on SoloStream Davinci. It was obvious after testing that Davinci provided the most flexibility and ease of use. This was our first WordPress installation and their online documentation is superb. But when we ran into trouble, they provided excellent customer support during and after the build process. We couldn't be happier. Shane , DealGrove

I looked at a lot of themes, when I decided to refreshe my blog theme at The SoloStream themes are among the best, but what makes me chossing SoloStream was the profound help and Support I received in the phase of implemenation. Great work guys. Thanks a lot. Cheers from Germany! Hansjörg , Der Bank Blog

This site presents research in a variety of ways, and the category presentation features were easy to use and make the site clear and useful. Nancy McNamara Theme: WP-Bold

WP-Enlightened allows me the flexibility to create stunning multipurpose websites that I create and use for multiple marketing initiatives that engage and lead potential prospects through a qualifying process and then to a call to action where a decision is made. All my customers all truly happy with the high quality professional look and feel WP-Enlightened provides, which makes it the most flexible and full featured website I use. I have not had any plugin compatibility issues and the responsiveness works great on all screen sizes. I will continue to use WP-Enlightened as my go to WordPress theme. Also, the Solostream support forum is the best support forum in the WordPress industry. SCOTT WITHERS Theme: WP-Enlightened

Incredibly easy to build, but more importantly as I update on a daily basis, the process is quick and simple and displays the volume of information in a funky visual manner. people read pictures and not text. Highly recommend SoloStream themes. No mess no fuss, professional product 🙂 Patrick Cromwell Theme: WP-Visual

Darren Matthews Theme: WP-Enlightened

Super easy to install and set up. Lots of customization options and easy tweak for a unique appearance. Rob Schilling Theme: WP-Critique

I love the theme, cause it fit's perfectly with my project. I really appreciate that you guys from solostream always improve your the usability with every new theme you create. As for PinUp it's easy to use and to customize and when I had a problem your service is just awsome!!! Best regards from Germany! Carmen Carmen Radeck Theme: WP-PinUp

I had absolutely no experience with creating websites but decided to set myself the goal of creating one to showcase my writing portfolio. For weeks, I googled and tried and tested but I was going around in circles with the free WordPress themes. I considered hiring someone to build it for me but didn't want to give up too soon on my goal. Instead, I purchased a theme from Solostream. Best decision ever. It went from scary to relatively easy, fun and satisfying. I love the theme. I love my website. And, most of all, I love that I achieved my goal with a Solostream theme. Libby Hakim Theme: WP-Brilliance

Very user-friendly and very fast Bram van de Biezen Theme: WP-Clear

I loved using the theme, as it was so easy to design and change pages and posts. The layout is easy to use and if you do get stuck on how to create part of the design the support is free, excellent and always helpful. If you need a customisation on your theme this can also be arranged for a very affordable fee. I also find this theme is easy to integrate many other plugins and shopping cart without any problem. Highly recommended. Paul Paul Birnie Theme: WP-Boundless

A neat MODERT theme, easy to use. There are many ways to vary on. Are very satisfied! Lena Losell Montner Theme: WP-Critique

It was very easy to use WP-Clear theme. The theme settings are available from the WordPress administrator control panel. It took less than an hour to install theme, configure settings and get the blog online using this theme. Karunesh Johri Theme: WP-Clear

It was very easy to set up and customise Surbjeet Singh Theme: WP-Bold

Great clean design, very easy to implement and use and already generating great numbers for us. Very satisfied customer! Tony Poulos Theme: WP-Blossom

Hey There, From the beginning, used the theme wp-clear. Various css made adjustments like the page width and adapted various functions added. I am very happy with over 7,500 monthly visitors on our local website. The website has more than 20 gigabyte information, and growing daily. They we very pleased with the theme WP-Clear. Kind regards Dirk Brans Dirk Brans Theme: WP-Clear

I'm an author and all around me are far more famous world renowned success stories. They have sites which dazzle, sucking the reader into imaginary worlds. But like the vast majority of writers I'm still a struggling artist and can only make investment where I'm assured of a good return. Solostream's themes, but even more so, their phenomenal support service has enabled me to compete with the finest. They're so good that I intend to stick with them even if fame beckons. Together we can ride to the top. Louisa Leontiades Theme: WP-Bold

News Magazin Horst Schult Theme: WP-Bold

Homepage for foot care SCHULT Horst Theme: WP-Bold

All is well without javascript sliders - loading is so slow, but it`s not so terrable. Nauris Krūzkops Theme: WP-Clear

i tweaked the theme design quite a bit, mostly because it was my first experience with wordpress. Some things were easier than I expected, some were more tricky. I did a lot of the tweaking by trial and error - mostly error - but got more or less where I wanted to go with a lot of reference to the Solostream support forums. I have a reasonable understanding of html, a limited understanding of css, and very little knowledge of php, but it's been achievable. I've now got plans for the 2.0 version of the site, which I think will push Blossom a lot further and require me to get someone who knows what they're doing involved! Keith Barclay Theme: WP-Blossom

Very easy to use, options allow me to configure site a number of ways Chris Haught Theme: WP-Blossom

We have been breeding exotic birds. We would like to organize a web site, which told about our work. The main requirement for the construction of the site was its low maintaining cost. Therefore, our choice fell on an open source CMS Word Press. Structured information display on the main page of the site was the main requirement when we were searching for an appropriate theme for us. Besides, we would like to make our site looking attractive and to make the structure of its sections easy to understand for each person who visits our website. That is why, our choice fell on the theme WP-Bold developed by Solosteam. Theme WP-Bold fully satisfies our initial requirements: 1) it provides a well-structured output of the content of the various sections of the site on the home page; 2) the theme is very attractive; 3) the theme comes with a large set of additional tools that allow, on the one hand, to display information in a beautiful way, on the other, to attract new visitors. These additional features include a slideshow module, the newsletter subscription module, and so on. At the moment, we can confidently say that we are fully satisfied with our choice. Vladimir Theme: WP-Bold

It was very easy to transfer my old website design to this new theme. I thought there would be some 'downtime' but there wasn't. Obviously I then tweaked it a bit afterwards but my site was up and running virtually straight away without it looking weird! When I eventually needed some help with changing the code I just asked on the forum and it got sorted within a day. Certain recommend it. Kay Franklin Theme: WP-Bold

I'm very glad I bought this theme. In addition to the clean and responsive design, it is also incredibly easy to customize using the theme and in-page settings. Great work SoloStream. Amgad Suliman Theme: WP-Responsive

Excellent! I am not a techs and definitely not a coder but I wanted an easy to set up and easy to maintain theme. When the Blossom theme came out, I knew right away that it was the ONE! I needed a little help from the Solostream people at the beginning, but that was only because of my lack of skills. Alastair was very kind and helpful! I have had a lot of compliments from site visitors! Daniel Extrom Theme: WP-Blossom

There is a little bit of a learning curve to use the Themes but I tried other companies and ultimately SoloStream's DaVinci was the easiest and most customizable. Their customer support is wonderful too and they help you get over any bumps along the way. I like them so much I am currently building a second website using their platform. Shane Spitzer Theme: WP-DaVinci

I foolishly paid for an off-shore developer to use Clear as the basis for my magazine's website. However I soon found that it had bugs, all of which had been introduced by tweaking the theme. Going back to the basic theme, everything started working and website was back under my control. It suits my need perfectly. I can make changes of a daily basis and it always looks stylish. Jimmy Thomson Theme: WP-Clear

Clear is very fast and simple theme without useless functions that my site does not need. It has nice slideshow and clean design on which the pictures look very impressive. Julius Szabo Theme: WP-Clear

Very adaptable theme. Thoroughly enjoyed customising it. Have used it for several sites including this one. Works brilliantly for newsy-type sites that need constant updating. Philippa Steward Theme: WP-Bold

Fabulously easy to use and personalise like all your themes. Philippa Steward Theme: WP-Professional

I've used this theme for lots of clients and when I deviated to another theme to use buddy press, I was most unhappy with the theme options, so I returned to this. I am having a bit of a problem with the footer widget display... for #4 right widget... but am sure that i will resolve this. jenny hudson Theme: WP-Enlightened

I went through 3 other themes and even this one was modified twice. The responsiveness of this theme looks great on most every device and has speeded up the website considerably. It worked well with all of the plugins I used and the customer is very pleased. Karen Atherholt Theme: WP-Visual

It has been a good experience, because the template is very affordable. But I like if I could have more options to change some things in the way it shows the blog. Paz Fuentealba Theme: WP-Blossom

Having use this previously for a magazine type site I produced, WP-Bold seemed the obvious choice for this Charity website. It's perfect for showing off latest news items on the home page, carrying sponsors' adverts, and it presents all information in a clear and tidy manner. Easy to navigate and easy even for the nurses to update themselves. A very well designed theme. Philippa Steward Theme: WP-Bold

I have used WP-DaVinci for a number of client websites. The WP-DaVinci theme is extremely versatile, enough that I can have a bunch of websites for different uses and personalities that look like unique websites designed just for them! I love that about the WP-DaVinci theme. It's easy to customize just using the simple built-in theme setting page but also easy to identify tweaks to custom CSS too thanks to the custom.css file and the structure of this versatile theme. My clients are always happy with the websites I build using the many variations and looks of WP-DaVinci. Thank you for making this theme and especially thank you for the simple built-in theme settings page. It makes building a unique, great-looking website easier and faster than any other non-Solostream themes I've tried. Dan Kimmel Theme: WP-DaVinci

Solostream provided a selection of elegant and professional themes. For my website, I chose Vybe b/c of the layout. I have always been partial to blogs which had an information sidebar and a chronological feed. Solostream not only helped me configure this theme to my specifications, but they also were great to work with when I hired them to customize the theme even further. Chris Theme: WP-Vybe

Will Burdette Theme: WP-Clear

Very easy to set up and customize, Zaim Halili Theme: WP-Elegance

The brief for this website was for a total beginner to be able to update the site himself. It's brilliantly simple to use. Philippa Steward Theme: WP-PinUp

This theme has a very clean look, that is both flexible and feature-rich. The responsive design works flawlessly. The settings dashboard allows me to update colors and the look and feel on the fly without programming. I like the built-in template features which reserve space for banner ads. The use of WordPress features such as custom menus and widgets only adds to the Wp-Radiance theme's power. Mary Gammel Theme: WP-Radiance

As with all Solostream Themes, it is well designed and easy to customize. I worked with one of your experts for further customization. One of the things my client liked most about his site using the Boundless theme is that he didn't have to resize the images in order for them to fit, creating a neat, uniform and consistent appearance. (He has other website and he has to do this for those.) I have used Solostream themes for a number of site and always enjoy well built themes and excellent support. Morag Reid Theme: WP-Boundless

Well designed theme for sites needing two menus. Worked brilliantly for this electronics manufacturer. Simple to navigate and simple enough for the client to update himself. I love working with Solostream themes! Philippa Steward Theme: WP-Prosper

Theme was perfect for this local garage. They wanted a more professional looking website without the cost of producing one. They are very happy with the result. Philippa Steward Theme: WP-Radiance

Fantastic spot-on to start with. Smooth to manipulate further fitness. Best I ever purchased, and I got all of Solostream themes 🙂 Mats Lundgren Theme: WP-Chatter

WP-Blossom is a great theme with lots of possibilities and best of all, the Solostream technical support is awesome! As a relatively inexperienced WordPress user I was able to do everything I imagined and more! Kevin Minto Theme: WP-Blossom

Great theme with lots of possibilities. The best part of using any of Solostream's WordPress themes is their exceptional technical support and customer service which was a key factor in choosing this theme over other comparable themes. As a relatively new WordPress user I depended heavily on their technical support and was able to do everything I imagined and more. Kevin Minto Theme: WP-Blossom

overall very pleased with the functionality and ease of configuration. been using it for many years, so clearly the theme has done a good job of meeting my (and my reader's) expectations. tug Theme: WP-DaVinci

Simple and versatile . We were able to add a lot of features and widgets, plug ins. Worked out great for us. Sven bode Theme: WP-Clear

Awesome theme. Thoroughly enjoyed using it. Sivakumar Venkataraman Theme: WP-Clear

I installed the DaVinci theme a couple of years ago, because with the free themes I'd started using from WordPress I was getting plugin clashes and all sorts of issues. Moving to the Da-Vinci theme was a simple and trouble-free experience - and has remained so ever since. The site has survived two years problem-free and I expect it to continue the same way. I got a faster loading site and it was easy to tailor the theme to make it look the way I wanted. Highly recommended 🙂 Joy Healey Theme: WP-DaVinci

I picked Enlightened for the robust A MORE BEAUTIFUL QUESTION blog since I loved the way the portfolio widget and category sliders looked—both of which I used throughout the site, but most prominently on the widgetized Home page. Once I started using Enlightened, I ended up exploring and using almost all of its miscellaneous features and design elements (like various column configurations). This theme has expanded beautifully to solve all my challenges with the ever-changing, magazine-like AMBQ blog. Loved Enlightened so much that I used the same theme for two spin-off sites related to the original blog ( and I wanted them to look in the same family but different enough not to confuse people, and the flexibility of Enlightened with its Alternate Home page and widgetized page templates has worked out splendidly. My very favorite thing about Enlightened, though, is the excellent, searchable support forum. If I can't find an ans wer specific to my question, Alistair is always right there with personalized help. Laura E. Kelly Theme: WP-Enlightened

I needed to create a website that would look and act like a newspaper for communities and advertisers that had never experienced a local web only newspaper. It needed to look "old-timey" but still contain the functions and flexibility of a sophisticated site. (The compliments continue to pour in about the look of the site.) It needed to be attractive, user friendly, with lots of ad space, and enough space for articles, archives and add-ons so that readers and advertisers would feel that they were experiencing something special in their communities. Those add-ons include weather, Facebook syncs for posts, a huge business directory, a calendar, among others. I was able to change the theme enough in the development stage to get what I needed to launch. But then in the second and third years have relied on help from the Solostream staff, in particular Alistair. He was able to set up two ad stacks that rotate upon refresh and do other behind-the-scenes work for us since our heads are wrapped around the front-end work at this point. Thanks to a solidly attractive theme, ease of use on the administration end and Solostream staff support, we have entered our fourth year with a highly readable site that continues to grow in readership and advertising every month. Cynthia Prairie Theme: WP-Smooth

Enlightened was very easy to use and had everything we were looking for. All of the Solostream themes are well designed, making it hard to decide which one to use. Mark Kelly Theme: WP-Enlightened

There was a short learning curve as I experimented with the various theme settings. After the usual beginners' mistakes, I quickly began to know my way around the settings. Then I tried out various configurations as I put the website together. I still have two or three more things I want to do but will have to wait until this current bout of travelling is over. I find the software quite easy although I confess to preferring to write in Word, a habit of years, and then transferring the text into WP. As a retirement hobby, I find WP is like an old friend. Sometimes you talk, and sometimes you don't but you're always comfortable. Hope you enjoy the website. Derek Quinn Theme: WP-Radiance

The Brilliance theme provides a crisp, clean look for our public facing website for a national public-private partnership project with the FDA. The goal of the site is to provide information about analytic studies on improving medical device safety and effectiveness throughout the full medical device life cycle. The ease of creating site elements with menus, widgets, featured post/page sliders and the basic site layout controls for design and color enable our non-technical editors to feel comfortable maintaining the content and improvising with some artistic flourishes. Having available an array of predefined template buttons and CSS elements allowed us to create the content structure to fit the needs of our group. Additionally, the inclusion of a custom.css and template-custom-functions.php files have enabled us to add enhanced features within the user-friendly components available in the Brilliance theme. Matthew Cioffi Theme: WP-Brilliance