Many universities, colleges, schools, and online education providers trust the WordPress platform as their Content Management System. Many of the premium educational themes are built with responsive design and are optimized and integrated with LearnDash, the WordPress learning management system. One of the things that makes WordPress a favorite platform for educational websites is the diversity of functionality and flexibility WordPress offers.

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What to Consider When Choosing A Premium Educational WordPress Theme

Educational websites span the globe in terms of what they offer. This means it is very important to understand all of your site requirements before choosing a theme. Focus in on the functionality your site needs to offer. Use the following list to help you focus in on the types of functions and features your site will offer because needs and requirements vary greatly depending on whether you are building a school site or an online learning site.

  • Fully responsive design for use on all devices
  • Online course management system
  • E-learning platform
  • Student performance tracking
  • eCommerce: Manage and sell courses online
  • Create courses and quizzes
  • Receive and make payments
  • Optimized to work with LearnDash

Support and Updates

One of the most important things to consider is the level of support you receive with the theme. You need a theme that will always be compatible with newer versions of WordPress and newer versions of web browsers so that your theme will not become obsolete or force you to change themes. Free themes generally offer only community support and may not be the best choice because the provider may or may not provide updates, newer versions or technical assistance if you get stuck. Most premium themes come with guaranteed lifelong updates, free newer versions and technical assistance. This can be invaluable when reliability is of the essence as it is in an educational setting. You also want a provider that offers superior documentation that is easy to understand and includes things like video tutorials to get your site up quickly and correctly.

Typical Features and functionality of WordPress Education Themes

The following list highlights many of the most common features found in premium WordPress themes for education.

  • Multiple page templates and layout settings
  • Simple theme options for customization
  • Highly customizable without knowing code
  • Unlimited color options
  • Responsive Design
  • eCommerce
  • SEO Friendly
  • Optimized for WordPress LearnDash management system
  • Translation and multi-lingual ready
  • Events calendar
  • Video hosting and support
  • Ranking and ratings system
  • Teacher and student profiles
  • Drag and drop page builders
  • Unlimited sidebars
  • Sliders
  • Custom fonts
  • Testimonials
  • Galleries

How to Choose Your Theme

When you are ready to choose a theme it is helpful to narrow down the choices by starting with only themes that are created with responsive design. In today’s market most sites are accessed on a mobile phone or mobile device so it is important your site looks good and functions properly on any size device. The next filter to help narrow the field should be the type of educational site you are building such as a University website or an online learning course website. Most themes are upfront about what type of education site it is best suited for. eCommerce provides another easy filter. If you need eCommerce for your site it will eliminate many of the educational themes. Audio and video capability is another filter that can be useful in limiting your choices. Once you have a short list then look for the theme that best matches the personality of your school or organization and supports the greatest number of your requirements for the site.

WordPress is a great platform for news-related blogs and websites.  There are many free and premium WordPress news themes that meet or exceed modern standards with responsive designs that look great on any device from desktop screens down to mobile phones.

Support and Updates

Using free news WordPress themes that have support and regular updates should be a consideration in your choice of WordPress theme templates because themes that are not supported or regularly updated may not be compatible with new releases of WordPress. Always research what level of support and updates a theme provides whether it is a free theme or a premium theme.

Features and Functionality

One of the most important things to consider after support are the features and functionality that free news WordPress themes provide. A good news theme will offer features that include some or all of the following:

  • A fully responsive theme that scales and look good in any device size
  • A reliable theme that is flexible
  • A theme that provides updates to ensure it remains compatible with newer versions of WordPress
  • Multi-layer sliders
  • Theme options
  • Widgets and widget sidebars
  • Advertisement module with the ability to categorize ads
  • Unlimited colors
  • Google webfonts
  • A theme that offers a variety of home page and inner page layouts
  • A theme that provides video support

Free WordPress News Theme

If you are searching for a light, flexible free WordPress news or magazine theme then it is worth checking out WP-Aire by Solostream.  Some of the key features of WP-Aire include a two column layout with a widgetized sidebar, optional footer widgets, a theme settings page, featured content glider, multiple home page layouts, threaded comments, logo integration, multiple background style options, optional banner Ad integration, social networking integration, SEO optimized, built-in author page, multiple page templates and much more.  The free theme is pretty robust and solostream also offers a paid premium WP-Aire theme so you can always upgrade to the paid version if you need a more responsive theme or you want the support and update of a premium theme.

Benefits of a WordPress Theme Available in Free and Premium Versions

Most individuals starting a business or small business owners are looking for the most economical way to begin their site. Wise business owners think about growth and scaling so they are not caught in a situation where they have to completely replace their website. Consistency and availability of a business site are extremely important to attracting and maintaining high traffic.

WordPress themes that are available in free and premium versions allow you to scale up or down depending on your business need without totally starting over.

With both a free and premium version of WP Aire you will not have to worry about the theme becoming obsolete or incompatible with future WordPress versions. You will not have to start your site over with another free theme when the next version of WordPress comes out because Solostream’s premium version comes with all updates and full support.

Choosing the right free theme can be difficult but looking for free themes that also have a premium version available with full support and updates will help narrow the choices and ensure a product that will serve your needs now now and in the future.

You may be wondering what is so special about premium WordPress themes for bloggers and whether or not they are worth paying for when there are thousands of free WordPress themes available. It comes down to your personal preference and needs. If you blog a lot and are looking for quality, exceptional functionality and support then a premium WordPress themes for bloggers may well be worth its cost. (more…)

Many bloggers who make the jump to small business life need to make a few moves with their web presence in the process. One method is to use commercial wordpress themes. The commercial wordpress themes line gives users a fresh perspective on open source potential, as well as other supporting mechanisms for their database and file management solutions. Because GNU, or the General User License for using code has been around for a long time, with people collaborating on open source projects for decades, especially Oracle, who really made open source projects more widespread and commercializes, and Apache, who developed the PDF Reader Acrobat software and a range of other amazing software programs for professionals.

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Commercial WordPress Themes

Commercial WordPress Themes

So what makes the commercial wordpress themes so different?

Well, they are in a different class, hence their name; commercial wordpress themes are for commercial purposes. Much like how sections of a county are classified, such as industrial, commercial, recreational, and other special classifications, the commercial wordpress themes are in a league of their own. That does not mean they are any less flexible than the other themes, just that their design is geared for more multi-modal uses such as backend support, live chat support, and other capabilities.


There are a range of free commercial wordpress themes out there, but most people enjoy the packages we provide with our domain hosting, since when you get a domain hosting package with Solostream, you also get a theme bundle thrown into the package, so that you have all the support and access to commercial wordpress themes that you need. So ‘mon, get started and sign up now.

How to find Commercial WordPress Themes

Are you looking to add some exposure to your webpage? Or would you like to learn a little more about the concept behind SEO, or Search Engine Optimization? If so, then continue reading as I will tell you some of the ways you can enhance your site through SEO Optimized WordPress Themes. This can be achieved by either downloading the WordPress Plugin by Yoast, which is an SEO enhancer, Using the Keyword Research Tool, or getting an excellent writer to provide well organized and thoughtful material that uses repetition to get a point across.

Before we dig any deeper into SEO Optimized WordPress Themes, let’s take a look at the Yoast interface:

SEO Optimized WordPress Themes
SEO Optimized WordPress Themes

After you have installed the Yoast Plugin, you will have a much better idea of how your posts score on a range of factors that determine their quality of optimization. The trick is to find the right combination of repetition in your diction, as to draw the search engines to index your site, thus providing a greater level of visibility to the particular “keywords” that you are optimizing for.

SEO Optimized WordPress Themes

SEO Optimized WordPress Themes

So now that you have the SEO plugin installed, you will be well on your way to getting better SEO Optimized WordPress Themes since you will be able to see how your post scores on the SEO checker that is located near the Publish button. This is a great way to get your site more prepared, and better optimized for search engine indexing.

Like all the beautiful women and men on this earth, there are a dizzying degree of looks, shapes, characteristics, and attributes that can make one pleasurable to the eye. One of the challenges people face on a daily basis is how to enhance their beauty, originality, and uniqueness among an increasing level of competition. This is especially so for women who compete in Beauty Contests and fashion shows, who are constantly pressured to look their best, and are judged on their appearance.

Beautiful WordPress Theme

The same goes with a beautiful WordPress theme because everyone wants to judge the beautiful WordPress theme. So how exactly do you judge a beautiful WordPress theme? First of all, you should not judge a theme by its cover, but in the case of the beautiful WordPress theme, unfortunately that is the best indicator for quality that you will find. Many beautiful WordPress theme lovers enjoy a theme because of its natural colors, images, or aura. The aura of the beautiful WordPress theme is what sets the mood, and can get you a site that makes people fall in love with it!

Beautiful WordPress Theme

What do you think makes a beautiful WordPress theme? Is it the background color? It is the layout? How about the widgets? In reality, it is a combination of all the various elements of any theme that make up a beautiful WordPress theme. For some, this may be a light blue color, or a pink, or purple color, accented with pictures of people kissing, or some brand new babies. Whatever you enjoy will ultimately determine what makes you love the beautiful WordPress themes that we have available.

Since we know it can be tough to pick a kitten from the litter, since they are all so cute, we offer you the opportunity to get a whole range of beautiful WordPress themes and options with our bundle package. Just signup and enjoy the perks today!

Beautiful WordPress Theme

Take a look at this picture:Wordpress Simple Template

What does it convey to you? Does it suggest a complex interface, or one that resembles a WordPress simple template? The WordPress simple template is something that can give you a less busy look and feel, one that has only a few elements involved in the messaging. These wordpress simple template themes and designs often do not have many of the following items that people choose as add-ons, or other social media and networking programs and applications available through WordPress. Some of these popular programs that the WordPress simple template does not use are:

  • Facebook Plugin
  • Twitter Plugin
  • Enhanced Video Area
  • Three Category Function Areas
  • Community Members Area
  • Latest Posts
  • Category Cloud
  • Fewer Slider Options
  • Less Responsive
  • More Text Based
  • Uses Simple Lists
  • Reduces the use of multimedia and considers lower bandwidths

(These are some of the things that the WordPress simple template does not use)

So really, the WordPress simple template is just a bunch of text at its most basic form, strung together by letters to form words without much of an overlay or many additions. As sites begin to get more sophisticated and develop greater uniqueness, the wold of design elements, that make WordPress famous, are slowly revealed. It would be extremely difficult to use all the features available in WordPress, as there are hundreds of thousands of combinations that could be used to create a diverse and unique site.

Where does it all start?

The whole idea came from something very similar to the WordPress simple template, and has progressed and grown more complex over time. Think of it as something similar to the fashion industry where people who originally wore animal skins are garments now have the option to choose from a variety of other garments and materials, across a dizzying array of styles and colors, much like the digital skins of today allow the content on the web to be much more than just another WordPress simple template.

For all the best themes, looks, and to give you a slick skin, get our premium themes. Want to kill two birds with one stone? Get your webpage hosted by us and you get the Theme Kit Free with the hosting package.

Like most designers who are actively involved in developing new web pages, updating web pages, and blogging on a regular basis, one of the most important things they consider before buying our package of premium themes is our availability of customizable WordPress themes. Our customizable WordPress themes are made with the end-user in mind, from both a developers perspective, as well as those of the audience. We know what is takes to present customizable WordPress themes in a fashion that allows designers to put their widgets where they want them; right on their front page.

We offer some of the best combinations when it comes to developing customizable WordPress themes across our portfolio of 36 premium themes, with more customizable WordPress themes coming in 2015. We gear our sights on the future so that when the time comes for customizable WordPress themes, we will be ready to serve up some of the finest options. Consider this PROSPER theme:

Customizable WordPress Themes

Look at how the presentation allows for multiple content formats including audio, text, and video, as well as a simplified title that can be either in text of image format. It offers a widely manageable menu with sub-items that can be used as tree branches that can open up, and much more, making it just one of many in our customizable WordPress themes portfolio.

In fact, this is one of the primary reasons that the WordPress platform is so successful: it’s customizable WordPress themes. Without such a dynamic, every blog would be the same, and it would suck because the lack of variety would prevent creative designs like those found in our premium customizable WordPress themes.