Premium WordPress Themes for Bloggers

Posted on Jan 03 2015 by in best Wordpress themes for blogs Blogs and Blogging 

You may be wondering what is so special about premium WordPress themes for bloggers and whether or not they are worth paying for when there are thousands of free WordPress themes available. It comes down to your personal preference and needs. If you blog a lot and are looking for quality, exceptional functionality and support then a premium WordPress themes for bloggers may well be worth its cost.

What Exactly Is a Premium WordPress Theme?

Basically, a premium WordPress theme is any theme you have to pay for. If it is not a free theme it is by default a premium theme.  However, most premium themes are built by professional web designers and targeted at those that need and want a better quality product with greater functionality and more bells and whistles.

Reasons to Use A Premium Theme

  1. Quality

When you chose a premium wordpress theme for bloggers from a reputable WordPress premium theme company you should expect a product with superior quality to any free theme available.  One of the primary things you can expect is something unique that not every other blogger is using. A unique theme helps your blog differentiate itself from all the others blogging about similar topics.  Your site will naturally stand out from your crowd of competitors.

Quality also means you can expect your theme to be developed to be compliant with the most current web browser standards. Finally, a premium WordPress theme should deliver a much more responsive design that will be functional and look good regardless of what platform a user uses to access your site.

  1. Functionality

One of the problems with free themes is that unless you are a technical whiz trying to make even minor changes to free themes can be a nightmare. Most free themes require the user to have more than a basic knowledge of CSS, HTML and PHP to make changes to the theme.  Unlike free themes, premium themes are designed with the user in mind so premium WordPress theme providers generally include an intuitive user interface that allows the user to make changes to the design and formatting with a simple click of a button.

  1. Security

When you pay for a premium theme you pay for peace of mind and security. Reputable premium theme companies develop and thoroughly test the security of their themes to meet the needs and the higher requirements of their customers. You can rest assured your theme is not packaged with any malicious code and that it meets stringent security requirements.

  1. Support and Updates

When you purchase a premium theme most are regularly updated to keep in step with the latest WordPress versions. This is generally not the case with free themes and it is an important difference because once you have your theme tweaked the way you want it if the theme is not updated you may have to risk upgrading to the newest version of WordPress CDN providers if the theme is not compatible and this can cause serious security breaches as well as cheat you out of new features.  Of course you can also ditch your incompatible theme and start all over with a compatible theme for the newest version but that is a lot of extra work and wasted time.

Free themes may be enticing but remember you pay for what you get.  A very large number of free WordPress hosting themes are packaged with malicious code unless you download directly from the WordPress free themes directory.

If quality, functionality, compatibility and security are important to you and you need a reliable theme then choosing a premium WordPress theme is the right choice.