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We have been breeding exotic birds. We would like to organize a web site, which told about our work. The main requirement for the construction of the site was its low maintaining cost. Therefore, our choice fell on an open source CMS Word Press. Structured information display on the main page of the site was the main requirement when we were searching for an appropriate theme for us.

Besides, we would like to make our site looking attractive and to make the structure of its sections easy to understand  for each person who visits our website. That is why, our choice fell on the theme WP-Bold  developed by Solosteam. Theme WP-Bold fully satisfies our initial requirements: 1) it provides a well-structured output of the content of the various sections of the site on the home page; 2) the theme is very attractive; 3) the theme comes with a large set of additional tools that allow, on the one hand, to display information in a beautiful way, on the other, to attract new visitors. These additional features include a slideshow module, the newsletter subscription module, and so on. At the moment, we can confidently say that we are fully satisfied with our choice.