Susan Ormsby

Posted on May 15 2015 by in

I have two sites and was already using wp clear on site using the ‘normal’ layout.  I had another site  – while the theme on this particular site was OK it had been there for ages and was not responsive and so I was looking for a more user friendly theme.

I bought several themes and all of them, while they looked good, I found them a difficult learning curve in how to operate them and get the site looking how I wanted it.

Then I discovered that wp clear had an alternate home page theme.  Brilliant

This was the look I wanted and it was responsive and I knew how to ‘operate’ the theme, which was easy compared to the other themes I had bought.

It took me a week or so to plan out where I wanted things to be and to trawl through the forum, looking for the information I needed to tweak the theme ie moving the nav menu below the header and little adjustments like this (as I am no techie).

On the day I decided to rebuild the site it took me about half a day to get everything where I wanted it.  And then a few little tweaks over the next week or two.

Once I had redone soundsfromsource – I decided to overhaul soundsfromsourceacademy using the same theme but using the alternate home page also – this was done in a jiffy – as I only had to recreate the home page.

All in all I am happy.  The sites look clean and fresh, they are easy to navigate about.  I still have some videos I need to create and put up for the slider in sounds from source, but I feel no pressure there as the pages featured image will do nicely for now.

I am happy to show both sites