Robert Samson

Posted on May 15 2015 by in

I was new to WordPress and looking not only for a stable and good looking theme but for an organization that provided support via a help desk and forums.  I found what our club was looking for in Solostream’s WP-Visual.  The theme was the underpinning of  the creation of over 60 pages and 2,000+ images that formed our new site in under 30 days.  One of the most significant benefits gained was the theme’s compatibility with critical plugins that expedited the addition of functionality.  Things like backup to DropBox, a members only section, robust calendar, interactive galleries and albums, and a classified section for our members to use were simple drop-ins to the theme.

Whenever I had a question with regard to customization, the Solostream team was responsive, even to the point of providing critical code to overcome a few formatting challenges.. Since going live the beginning of December of last year, we are approaching 25K visitors and 85K page views.. This is five times the traffic we had on our old traditional site that we replaced.  Using the theme saved development time and allowed our club to meet key promotional objectives with regard to the hosting of our largest fundraising event held in January of this year.

I do believe that the combination of well designed theme coding and a knowledgeable and accessible support team makes it easy for our club to endorse Solostream