Laura E. Kelly

Posted on May 14 2015 by in

I picked Enlightened for the robust A MORE BEAUTIFUL QUESTION blog since I loved the way the portfolio widget and category sliders looked—both of which I used throughout the site, but most prominently on the widgetized Home page. Once I started using Enlightened, I ended up exploring and using almost all of its miscellaneous features and design elements (like various column configurations). This theme has expanded beautifully to solve all my challenges with the ever-changing, magazine-like AMBQ blog. Loved Enlightened so much that I used the same theme for two spin-off sites related to the original blog ( and I wanted them to look in the same family but different enough not to confuse people, and the flexibility of Enlightened with its Alternate Home page and widgetized page templates has worked out splendidly. My very favorite thing about Enlightened, though, is the excellent, searchable support forum. If I can’t find an ans


specific to my question, Alistair is always right there with personalized help.