Kimberly Holman

Posted on May 14 2015 by in

One thing our readers used to always ask for was more visual content. That’s why I was so delighted when Solostream introduced the WP-Visual theme. Now our site is a virtual smorgasbord of visual food, a real feast for the eyes. I know that’s the reason our web traffic is continually increasing. People have a really good experience when they visit us. I’ve embarked on a few web projects in my life, but have never seen the success I have seen with this one. The feedback I get from our readers is that the site looks and feels professional and clean. I now have several bloggers who are regular contributors for the same reason. They take pride in displaying their work on our site. I used to download a bunch of plugins, even paying for some, trying to create the functionality I needed. With my Solostream theme, I get all the functionality I need to create both a user-friendly and robust experience for the people who stop by. The support I receive from the Solostream team has been

phenomenal too. They have helped me make little tweaks to customize the theme, although in truth, it’s pretty perfect just the way it is. There are already lots of built-in options that allow me to format and customize it the way I like. All I can say is I’m really happy with both the themes and the team at Solostream.