Gerhard Schiller

Posted on May 15 2015 by in

This is the first site I built with WP ever. Having said that, your theme was making it possible. I am not a developer at all, only a small business owner. I have looked at other themes and played around to build another site for another product line. After what  I found while experimenting I will definitely either use the same theme again or probably purchase another Solostream Theme.

It save a ton of work even though my site is very customized and not a “run of the mill” site.

Your support is amazing. Mostly all the answers are found on your board already. No, I am not just saying that. I am speaking from a real world experience while using WP and finding out the amount of  WP idiosyncrasies which can be pretty frustrating. So far the theme worked with all the plugins. Even the custom menu I plugged in. (FYI we are ranking on first 3 Google pages for our keywords, often under the first 5 on page 1. Organic rankings of course.)