Posted on May 15 2015 by in

The outstanding attributes of this theme are actually common to most of the Solostream themes, however there are a few select features that are unique to the Blossom theme that I really like.   The Blossom theme is such an easy theme to use and adapt to a personal style.  As you can see, I used my own store header and adjusted all of the site colors to compliment the color choices of the header.

I love the slider on this theme.  The entire featured photo shows without description overwriting.  The text is offset on the left side of the photo which is perfect for this particular site.

I also prefer having a primary navigation bar above the header and a secondary navigation bar below the header.  I use the primary for the “about me” and “contact me” pages and the secondary for my category tabs.

The Feature Post Widget allows me to layout a home page design and easily change it when desired.   I also use a variety of additional widgets on the home page including the Subscribe Box and Featured Category Sliders.

My personal favorite feature of this theme, and all of the Solostream themes that I have used, is the CSS Stylesheet Editor that allows me to add code to the theme without opening individual editor sections.  This is such a great feature!  It is one of the main reasons I recommend Solostream themes to all of my website creating friends.