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Stability. Reliability. Flexibility. Compatibility. Infinitely customizable. Superior customer support.

If you have a vision as to how you want your site to look, feel, and function choose Solostream.

Solostream themes, in this case Enlightened, do not restrict your options nor limit your vision, they inspire and enable.

I’m not a developer by any stretch. I’m not familiar with WordPress magic nor could I explain its inner workings if my life depended on it. Solostream’s basic framework is so well crafted that I don’t need to. I can focus on my readers, my content, presentation and brand aesthetic.

Although there’s plenty of discussion about the pros and cons of plugins, they do provide additional functionality, services, and features that realistically, a single theme cannot. In my experience, Solostream themes are plugin friendly. Good quality, well supported plugins combined with the Solostream framework and tailored CSS can, and will, result in a stable, unique expression of your interest, passion and content.  Enlightened is receptive and Solostream plays nice with new ideas.

Aesthetic changes are, with a little bit of CSS knowledge, easy and the built-in customization allows me to experiment without having to learn yet “another” go around to get the results I’m seeking.  It also eliminates any worries that my changes will be sacrificed to the ether during the next theme update, or plugin activation.

Customer support is easily accessible and their response time is praiseworthy.  I’ve never been left hanging, in panic, lost in a muddle, even when I deserved it. 🙂

In fact, on more than one occasion I’ve received above and beyond, often unsolicited advice about my less than optimal CSS or what might be required to achieve the result I desire. Most basic customizations that come easily to these guys are shared freely – just for the asking. Customizations, beyond the basics, are available for a fee. I don’t know if there’s anything that can’t be done with a Solostream theme.

This particular site is very small. It focuses on a very small audience, in a very small community experiencing very specific and controversial challenges. The site has, and will, see many changes, adaptations and reiterations; it’s a work in progress – a labor of love – probably always will be. Enlightened allows me to change and grow as circumstances dictate.

Enlightened is enlightened and Solostream is one of a kind.