WP Think Tank Group

Posted on Oct 25 2014 by in Blogs and Blogging Product News Reviews Small Business Life 

If you run your life around WordPress like many other business owners and workers, and want to grab the bull by the horns and dig your heels into some new ground, check out the WP Think Tank.


The Think Tank, from what I gathered after looking at the site is that it is a place where there is plenty of room to keep things plain and simple. It was a breath of fresh air not seeing a page covered in ads. While not the most professional looking site, and somewhat hard to navigate, you could tell that plenty of thought had gone into its design. Perhaps there was a discussion on the design in the Think Tank.

The Think Tank draws on businesspeople and developers in the community and posts their live panel videos for those that do not get a chance to brainstorm in the WP Think Tank. That way, you can still immerse yourself in the discussions Ad Hoc, and get a chance to learn more about the topic, as well as find information on the Panelists. Some of the panelist details include some interesting titles, videos and more.

Check it out and see if you like it! It might be an interesting video to watch for you and the developers to see what is going on in the community.