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5 Ways to Improve Your WordPress Website Ranking

Out of all content management systems (CMS) that are open source, word press is the most agile. It comes with rich functionality, an affordable price tag and a lower barrier to entry. These aspects have made it a leading CMS system on the web having been downloaded at least 47 million times, powering 29% of all websites. One of the reasons why most people opt for WordPress is because it is SEO-friendly to the extent that non-techies are able to apply optimization techniques. However, there are people who, for one reason or another, opt to outsource WordPress development. Whether you are implementing WordPress yourself or you are hiring a developer to do it for you, here are useful SEO improvements you could make to boost your website’s ranking:

1.Use SEO Plugins to Optimize Content

Valuable content that readers want is probably the greatest asset you can have on your website. This means other things like loading speed, site structure and security measures won’t yield much if the content you have online offers no value to your audience. To offer the value your audience needs, you need to understand their pain points and see how the products you are offering them addresses their needs. Once you have this figured out, you can now present your solutions in the form of compelling content including blogs, videos, infographics and others so your customers can keep coming back. You can then use WordPress SEO plugins such as Yoast to optimize each page so that visitors can locate your content with ease using search engines.

2.Make your Website Fast

Search engines such as Google include site speed in their ranking factors. To remain competitive, ensure that your site loads as fast as possible. You can do this by compressing and optimizing your images using plugins like WordPress Smush. You should also clean your WordPress Theme by removing outdated elements such JavaScripts, database calls and functions that you probably don’t need. Consider using a cache plugin to lessen your server loading time. Such plugins develop HTML versions of frequently visited pages, an aspect that reduces loading time of the pages significantly. Consider using free WordPress options like Super Cache or paid options like WordPress Rocket.

3.Revise your Profile Link

Links are an important signal when it comes to indicators of ranking. The domains you have linking to other sites, the quality of the backlinks you have, and how you optimize the anchor text on those links go to show how good your local rankings will be. It takes time to build good links but you can achieve this by focusing more on quality of domains that you link to rather than the number of links you have on your site. Also, you can improve your links by finding and fixing any broken links you might have on your website. To do this fast, consider utilizing plugins like broken link checker on WordPress. Further, optimize the text you use to anchor your links. You can do this by adding the name of your city on the anchor text while being watchful not to overdo the optimization. Lastly, be on the lookout for link building opportunities on sites that are relevant to your industry.?

4.Optimize your Site for Mobile Gadgets

Most customers use mobile phones to find businesses online and search engines like Google will begin indexing mobile sites with preference over desktop sites. This means that optimizing sites for mobile gadgets is the way to go. To improve your site’s access via mobile phones, consider focusing on image compression and page speed. Beyond this, opt for themes that are highly responsive so they can fit your content on any mobile device. Also, make use of built-in WordPress is mobile function to create customized experiences for visitors who use mobile phones to access your website. You may also opt to design a mobile App for your use so that your visitors can interact with their preferred brands. Finally, use the AMP WordPress plugin to accelerate your mobile page so that they get listed highly on SERPS and mobile phone users can find them fast.

5.Add Google My Business to your Site

Google My Business works with several other factors like physical proximity, business descriptions, user reviews and categories to improve your site’s ranking. To maximize this on your site, add your WordPress website and any other key information about your business to your profile. After this, find widgets and plugins that allow you to transfer ranking signals like business map, customer reviews and photos from your Google My Business page to your site. Also, find a plugin like Google Places Reviews that enables you to add your Google My Business review to your site and Google Maps Builder that makes it easy for customers to locate you. This enables you to improve customer trust.