What Is WordPress Premium?

Posted on Nov 10 2014 by in Blogs and Blogging Customer Spotlight Product News 

Have you ever started a new blog or purchased a new domain with WordPress and noticed a prompt asking you if you want to upgrade to WordPress Premium?

Since getting a blog on WordPress is free, and purchasing a domain can be had for a nominal fee, there are just a few other budget considerations when opening your site, especially in the “add-ons” department. When it comes to getting your site beefed up, you may remember one of our previous discussions regarding the use of Google Apps, which is now also built-into the core of WordPress to prompt you when purchasing a new domain.


The price of WordPress Premium is $99 a year and provides users with the following:


Now before you break open your pocketbook and make the big investment, consider what you are actually getting, and if this service is worthwhile. Many users won’t use the allocated space that is offered with their “normal” WordPress membership, and only large data users will require this extra space that comes with the premium membership. As far as uploading a bunch of HD videos, this is something that will be of interest to multimedia users and videographers.

Those who use alot of video in their posts will definitely want to get the upgrade because of the Watermark removal, and the added space. Last but not least, this is a sure-fire way to get rid of any ads on your page. So now that you know how much you would have to cough up for a Premium membership, doesn’t it just make sense to buy a premium package of our themes and use them to make your site awesome instead?

While our themes will not give you extra space, they will provide you with a clean and professional layout for getting your product, message, or website to a digital audience.

Is WordPress Premium transferable? The WordPress Premium back is registered to one site, but you can still have as many domains forwarded to your particular site, so go ahead, get some domains, get premium, get our theme pack, and you will be ready to grab the bull by the horns on your next web dev. project.