WordPress is the Right Choice for Websites

Posted on Nov 04 2016 by in Blog 

According to the recent studies, there is no better open source CMS compare to WordPress with other Joomla, Drupal, and e.t.c. More than 75 million sites are hosted with WordPress, 40 various translations, Easy availability of WordPress Developers and WordPress.com have more unique visitors than amazon.com and last though WordPress has very fame in the industry, it has only 229 employees to work with.

If we start talking about WordPress, its one of the most simplest and efficient open source which can be setted up in less than 30 minutes if you are a known WordPress developer but if you are a amateur developer though it will not take more than few hours to find the instruction on how to setup your WordPress website.

Normally people have easy and fast website that can show their products or services in very efficient way, but here WordPress not only shows and proved to be the best for the products and services but also for the blogging and organizations. According to the studies more than 22% of USA domains are hosted with WordPress CMS. So its proving that WordPress is ideal for any websites that you can think of.

Vast resources of WordPress Plugins .

WordPress plugins are one of the tools that helps website to become and represent the more dynamic datas and filterations. There are more than 29,000 free and paid plugins are available to meet your dynamic requirements. There are almost every basic to normal  plugins that can really does your website to be more dynamic. As far the studies, Akismet is one of the most powerfull and strong plugin so far in all the WordPress plugins.

Efficient Administrator and Team.

As we know there are only 229 team members are there to make the WordPress to be one of the WordPress. Its quite interesting that all of them 229 team members are always are on the most productive and most technologically powerful.

The most Business websites are again developed with the WordPress Open Source CRM.

There are no business who doesn’t require website to run their profit motives, almost website is doing one way or the other that helps many businesses. Now from current statistics, in 1000,000, Business websites, WordPress is using 1/5th ratio that powered by WordPress itself. That means there are large number of Businesses are using WordPress to show their, brands, products and services. It is also meeting the most requirements for keep upto date with the news and information for the business the WordPress is the best choice itself and very easy to update which is another best factor that WordPress is known for.

Now if you say the Worlds top website is also powered by WordPress, according to the research top websites like, Walt Disney Company, Angry Birds, Gracenote, Toyota Motors Brasil and PMIndia.gov are hosted with the WordPress.

Considering above information and the best of our knowledge for the WordPress, we believe its very easy to customize and put any requirements and thoughts into the website is very easy, we normally use very less customization for plugins as we always get what we need in terms of plugins and resources that we need during developing WordPress websites. Its not only us but we also get most of the time requirements that from our clients that they need only WordPress as their Open Source Development.