Should WordPress Be Your Choice of CMS? Here is a Review from SEO Standpoint

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People all around the world nowadays prefer to use WordPress owing to the vast range of advantages it has to offer. WordPress is a perfect platform for everyone who wishes to power their site or blog easily. It is also known for being a popular CMS as well. Then it’s SEO friendly URL structure is one of the many reasons which make it popular with digital marketers and web masters.

If you are a new blogger and wondering how to make your blogs visible to others, then it is suggested to go for WordPress. This is easy to use platform where users can easily get access to SEO and other free Plugins. It is designed as per the latest SEO requirements. There are both free and paid versions available. The paid version is better than the former option with lots of exclusive features.

The user-friendly WordPress design

WordPress aims to comply with the latest Google’s algorithms. This refers to the fact that the domain which uses the CMS can be indexed by Google easily, therefore helping websites to come up quickly when people use the related search terms. It is easier for SEO engineers to work with the WordPress’s framework. Sites can be ranked at the top level in Google’s search engine without much effort. The use of appropriate keywords is quite necessary to ensure that users can get your site on the search result page. You can visit this site to know more about publishing your contents on website and blogging sites.

There are plenty of SEO advantages you can enjoy with WordPress:

Adding new contents

When the question of high SEO ranking comes, then adding new content is one of the major factors. WordPress is easy to use platform that not only allows users to navigate quickly but also content addition becomes easier. Here, you just need to create the blog post and then add the necessary title, focus keyword, tags, and keywords. Lastly, just a single click on the submit button will ensure your presence on the web. With this simple task, you can easily get the attraction of people to your site. Make sure to keep on adding new contents after regular interval.

Customizable permalinks

It is always an ideal choice to add keywords in URL, and with WordPress, it becomes much easier. This also enables Google to understand that you are using the keywords for which you exactly want to rank in the search engine.

WordPress – An open source

This is a free platform which makes it the perfect choice for business owners who have just started their own business or planning a small scale setup. The term open source means that there are people who are constantly working on this platform to improve it. This continuous update also means that new changes are being done as per the latest terms and conditions of Google. CMS enables you to follow the best SEO practice.

Inbuilt RSS feeds

Simple Syndication or RSS can help you to enhance SEO by simply sending the content to feed directory with a proper link to come back. It enables you to maintain and get followers to your blog posts, which in turn will appear good to Google. This is said to be an additional feature that is available for the users in the WordPress’s platform.

Clean code

WordPress is organized and clean which directly helps in reducing the effects of adding suspicious parts to the code. Google can spot this along with a warning sign in the SERPs.

Free Plugins

There is a whole range of Plugins which can give additional functionality to your website and helps both the end users and webmasters with the site.

Creation of unique Meta description

The Meta description is said to be a content snippet that one can come across under page link option within the Google search result page. It can give a small summary of your post or website page to the web audiences as well as the search engine bots. This also enables you to get a better SERP ranking.

What does this mean exactly? Well, it identifies creation of engaging and unique search engine friendly Meta descriptions for your pages and posts. It helps in enhancing the visibility of your contents on search engines along with higher click-through rate. Meta description optimization for Google as well as other search engines becomes easier with the WordPress settings that come initially. The Yoast SEO plugin also enables users to get with SEO friendly Meta descriptions automatically for the WordPress website.

Generating XML Sitemap

With WordPress, one can easily create as well as submit an XML sitemap to the search engine webmaster tools. You can tell about your posts and website pages to Google as well as other search engines with an XML sitemap. It helps search engine crawlers to index and read your site easily and quickly. As discussed above, various Plugins are offered by WordPress, and you can create an XML sitemap for each of your post, page, tag, categories and custom post type. You can also use Google XML sitemap Plugins or Yoast SEO for better indexing of your site by search engines.

Above we have discussed some of the most important reasons for using WordPress for your site. At Georgia SEO Explosion we always prefer to use WordPress because we understand the benefits users can get from it. We also have our SEO specialists who can guide you to your site and related factors. Make sure that you hire a well-known SEO expert to avail the services mentioned above properly.

Author Bio: Steven Miller being a popular SEO blogger has already worked upon some related posts. He knows about the different aspects of SEO as well as their features and benefits. In this post, he has made sure to aware readers about the SEO benefits of using WordPress. You can visit this site to collect additional information on this subject.