What to Consider When Choosing a WordPress Theme

Posted on Jul 12 2015 by in Great Wordpress Themes 

There is a huge choice of WordPress themes on the market now. Sometimes you have to try several themes on your website before you come across the one that fits your needs. If you are not experienced in choosing themes, it may take you a while.

When you look for a WordPress theme you should consider a few things. They will simplify the search process and prevent you from possible problems with the theme in the future.

1. Auto updates and support. This is what will save your nerves and money in the future. Poorly supported themes may easily dissolve your great impression of design and features. When a problem arises, it may be too late and too costly to change the theme. Pay attention at themes that are developed by teams who provide ongoing support, no matter if you consider free or premium themes.

2. Choose a responsive theme. If you go with a non-responsive theme, you will have to develop a dedicated mobile website. Otherwise your website will be lost for mobile search. So why do extra job if there are already plenty of beautiful and well-developed responsive themes.

Responsive WordPress theme

3. Nice design an ease of customization. Theme design should be good looking and serve your needs in the best possible way. Play with demo to see if design is appealing to you, and take a look at the admin panel, if possible, to see of the theme is easy to customize, because in 90% cases you will want to tweak it, at least a bit.

4. Search for SEO-friendly themes. Though WordPress is a very SEO-friendly platform, a badly coded theme may do an ill turn. Select themes with “SEO optimized” or “SEO ready” mentions in the description. Check if they are really SEO-friendly with a MozBar or SEO Site Tools extensions for Chrome.

5. Choose a translation ready theme when you need it translated to a language other than English. Or search for a theme in your native language. Mind that you cannot just translate a WordPress theme changing the language in the source files. If translation is important to you, decide on localized or translation ready themes.