What is the true value of a digital marketing certification

Posted on Jan 04 2020 by in Blog Blog Post 

Congratulations.  Choosing digital marketing as a career is a great choice.  With digital transformation taking place across the world, as a digital marketer the opportunities for growth in your career are huge.

Whether you’re a high school graduate or already have a number of years’ experience in the digital marketing world, the value of a digital marketing certification will speed you forward into the exciting world of digital marketing.  This is a world that is constantly changing and evolving, so keeping up with the latest digital trends is non-negotiable, however, pursuing a career in digital marketing takes more than staying ahead of trends and new techniques.  The true value of a digital marketing certification will go a long way to set you up for your ideal digital marketing job.

Make sure your course is with an accredited provider

If you’re serious about bettering your chances in the digital marketing domain then the good news is that employers value employees who have certification.  To take this point one step further it’s worthwhile noting that most organisations prefer employing candidates who have completed their digital marketing courses at an accredited provider.

Digital marketing continues to soar

It was only a few years ago digital marketing started to be taken seriously by companies and as we move quickly towards 2020 it’s a fact that digital marketing is not only being used in organisations, but people are being employed to solely carry out the tasks allotted to digital marketing.  The days when digital marketing involved writing a blog or posting an occasional social media update are long gone.  A digital marketer is a full-time job with serious duties attached to it.

There’s no doubt that the digital marketing landscape has changed significantly since it’s early days.  Nowadays a business online depends on successful digital marketing techniques to be seen online and keep up to its competition.   In fact, digital marketing is now the most powerful form of marketing.

Better your career opportunities

If you’re building a career and taking on the expense of a digital marketing course and you are committed to dedicating the time it takes to complete it, then it makes good sense to make sure your certification is of value.

Competition for digital marketing jobs is fierce, so make sure you stay ahead of the pack by knowing the true value of certification.  You can better your career opportunities by arming yourself with a certificate of a digital marketing course with specific emphasis on digital skills that are in high demand, for example, pay-per-click advertising or social media management.

The difference between hard and soft skills

You should include a comprehensive list of both your hard and soft skills in your cv.  A prospective employer will take both into account when considering your application.  Here’s a brief break down of hard and soft skills.  The most important thing to do when including both sets of skills is to make sure they are relevant to the job that you are applying for.

  • Soft skills– Soft skills are often described as personal qualities of an individual that are not learned such as life skills, for example, interpersonal and communication skills.
  • Hard skills– Hard skills refer to the physical skills needed to do the job, such as technological skills for a digital marketer.

Don’t shy away from personal branding

Any successful digital marketing professional will know how to market any brand online – including yourself.  With the remarkable advance of social media, it’s now possible to find almost anyone anywhere in the world online.  Now that leaves a lot of your life exposed.  For this reason, it’s imperative to ensure that your online presence and personal branding are top quality and above all really shows off your digital marketing talent.

Your certification will work for you

Employers are looking for digital marketing professionals who have completed a digital marketing course that is up to date, which is on-trend with digital marketing and relevant.

Now you understand the importance of obtaining a valued digital marketing certification from an accredited provider, it’s also important for you to make your certificate work for you as employers are searching for real-valued certification within the digital marketing course industry.