Using Paypal With WordPress

Posted on Jul 25 2014 by in Blog Blogs and Blogging 

Would you like to accept payments directly through your WordPress website? Whether you sell digital products, ship goods, provide some type of service, or you are seeking donations, WordPress makes it simple for any user to add PayPal payment options to their website. The ecommerce market is growing and an increasing percentage of internet users are making purchases online. There is a great selection of WordPress plugins that will incorporate PayPal payments in your website. From shopping carts to buy now buttons, learn more about how to accept PayPal payments using WordPress plugins.

PayPal Donations
For those wanting to accept donations through PayPal, install the PayPal Donations plugin. Choose from different currencies, languages, and default countries. Other options include a Thank You page and the use of your own image for the button. A simple plugin, only used for PayPal donations, you can insert your donation button using a shortcode or a widget. PayPal donations are commonly used for websites providing some type of service, product, or entertainment for free. Many individual WordPress plugin developers will add a donation button on their websites. Some other common uses for a donation button are for entertainment websites, such as comics and news.
PayPal Shopping Carts
There are several great options when it comes to PayPal shopping carts. To quickly add a PayPal shopping cart to your WordPress site, use the Simple PayPal Shopping Cart WordPress plugin. With this plugin you can easily add PayPal buttons for various products as well as a View Cart option. If you find the options provided by this plugin to be too basic then look at the Ultra Simple PayPal Shopping Cart plugin. This plugin works in the same way as the previous plugin, with some added features and options. Add size options, variations, and shipping options, using this more advanced WordPress plugin. Both of these plugins use shortcode and widgets for adding PayPal to your WordPress site.

PayPal Pay Now Buttons
When you do not want to include a shopping cart option in your WordPress site, there are a couple of plugins for adding a Pay Now button. The WP Easy PayPal Payment Accept plugin and the Quick PayPal Payments plugins both provide shortcodes and widgets for inserting the Pay Now button. The Quick PayPal Payments plugin includes a few more options. Style your buttons or the payment box however you want. You can even add custom CSS. Some of other features are an optional Thank You page, shipping options, a coupon code, and a processing fee.

These are the most highly rated PayPal plugins for WordPress. From shopping carts to Pay Now buttons or donations, there is a WordPress plugin for you. All of the plugins mentioned have a simple interface and will not eat up a lot of resources or slow down the load time of your WordPress website. Decide how you want to include PayPal on your WordPress website and then install the appropriate plugin. It has never been easier for WordPress users to add PayPal payment options to their website.