Using Categories To Organize Your Page

Posted on Dec 12 2014 by in News Reviews Small Business Life 

One of the biggest questions new and advanced users in WordPress often ponder is the number of categories they should use on their site. However, many people couldn’t care less about their categories and don’t really see how they can fit into the design of their page, but today, I am going to teach you a few tricks to help you keep your page nice, prim, and proper through the use of Categories.

What Are Categories?

Categories are like tags, and are tools of writers and publishers that can be used to organize their content better. Many businesses, church groups, and individuals use their web sites as communication tools, and often they will guide their messaging to the appropriate audiences by using Categories. Categories is just a special way of saying “themes” and can be designed however you want, since the Categories can be created as simply as typing a new word in the Categories box.


So now that you know what Categories are, figure out who your primary audience is, what you typically blog or write about, and other common themes that are prevalent in your messaging. Once you come up with a range of themes, then create your categories accordingly. This shouldn’t take too long if you only have a handful of posts to update, or you can use this strategy going forward with any new posts you create.


Let The Fun Begin

Now that you have your content Categorized, you can create a new Menu using your Categories as a way to sort your content. Simply go to the Appearance, Menus, Screen in your dashboard and organize your menu by selecting a Category and moving it over to you active Menu and saving. Now you can have endless options to create new themes and categorize your content and control your messaging via Categories and Menus.