The Ultimate Guide to Securing Your WordPress Blog

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WordPress is today the most popular content management system worldwide. It is easy to use and is a favorite for both bloggers and also web designers. However, WordPress is also a significant target for various hackers and spam attacks. Users need to keep their WordPress site secured from such dangers as blogs which have been once hacked can suffer a lot. Instances such as loss of content, theft of data and costly downtime can end up in lowering your customer service and also harming your reputation.  Time is valuable, and so it is imperative that you keep your WordPress site free from such attacks and in a sense free from any sorts of trouble as it will harm your business.

In this article, you shall learn about some useful tips and techniques which will help you in keeping your WordPress site safe and secure and trouble-free.

#1: Delete “Admin” Username – This is sort of easy to understand, but it is baffling that many people still have not managed to change their usernames from the default “admin” of WordPress. According to various studies, spammers would be searching for those accounts which have “admin” as the username. It is advisable to immediately remove the default admin username as it will help in securing your site. After that you have to nominate yourself for the administrator role as this will give you the capability to make necessary changes on your page

#2: Use good User Password – Simple password is not good when it is on your WordPress account, it will be easy for the hackers to decode and decipher. There are strict guidelines for selecting a password which is strong and secure. You must use a combination of special characters, numerical, upper case and lower case alphabets to make your password. Such a combination of characters will make it quite difficult for any hacker to crack it and will raise the security level of your blog quite a lot.

#3: Back Up the database of Your Blog – You must back up the database of your blog. It is an imperative step to secure your blog. The backing up process is not only free but has a more enhanced paid option too. Experts recommend that users must have a back up of all their flies that have been uploaded to WordPress sites. The backing up must be done regularly, on a weekly basis at least. It can be done with the help of a backup plugin. There are plenty of back Plugins available over the internet, however, as always be careful while choosing one. Remember to read customer reviews and also testimonials before downloading and installing it. The backup will help you restore your site if it ever happens to get attacked or hacked. Thus you will be able to save precious time and get your site going once again.

#4: WordPress  “Manual” can be quite Helpful when you do not possess a Webmaster – In case you just updated or upgraded your plugins and then, unfortunately, received an error message then you need not panic. Various experts have suggested that under such circumstances you can just use the user manual that has been provided by WordPress itself on their website. You can also search Google to find out what the solution is. You will find plenty of people have also seen the same message, and you can read about the solutions they used.

#7: If ever your site goes down then ask for help – Plugins can be guilty at times and unfortunately they can be instrumental in bringing your site down. If such a thing happens then, you can immediately identify which plugin is the problem from WordPress’s directory and find a solution in their forums.

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When it comes to WordPress, it is effective for promoting websites and blogs. The web design part plays an important role as well. In case of WordPress, there is no need of hiring the services of professional web designers. You can use the readymade themes that are available for both free and premium users. These themes are available in plenty, and you can use them as per your website layout.


It takes a tremendous amount of hard work and dedication to finally set up a running WordPress website or blog which gets good traffic. Hence it will be an absolute shame and tragedy if you were to lose the fruits of your efforts due to some stray spam attack or any targeted hack attack. However, while there are more professional ways to secure your WordPress blog site, you can initially get started with these essential tips and techniques to ensure that you have at least covered the basics to prevent your site from getting hacked. These tips will give you a heads up and keep you prepared for any eventualities, and it is better to be always prepared because no one likes to see the products of their efforts get wasted or destroyed.

Author bio: Andrew Evans is known for being an expert in accessing WordPress. He uses it for personal blogging as well. In this post, he has mentioned about the tips for securing WordPress. Moreover, he has also brought Johnny Chen Houston services into the limelight.