Top 7 Advertising Plugins for WordPress in 2019

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It is a well-known fact that you can make money by displaying advertisements on your site. However, how much effort is put into sourcing and presenting the ads you display on your WordPress site? Do you have to upload banners from independent advertisers all the time manually? Is the stress of the process of manually doing things getting to you?
Whatever the case may be, if you have sold, want to sell, or display adverts on your WordPress blog, then this post would be of help to you. Here are the best advertising management plugins that there are at the moment. These plugins will help you manage your ads and display locations, sell ad spots directly to advertisers, track impression/click statistics, and a whole lot of other things.

1.Ads PRO plugin

Almost a quarter of desktop users now use ad blockers, and that means you might be losing 25% of your revenue. Ads Pro plugin prevents that by bypassing ad blockers. It has a high number of features packed into one low cost. It has also garnered a 4.53-star rating on over 2,500 sales at Code Canyon.
Ads Pro has over 25 different advertising templates, and this is because having 20 different advertising methods to choose from can lead to an overwhelming number of combinations. The models are preset ad display combinations designed to help you maximize your display space without tampering with your site’s user experience.
If you plan to accept direct ad purchases, Ads Pro includes a front-end interface to let your advertisers purchase and manage ad spots quickly. And Ads Pro also includes split-testing. That way, you can find out which types of ads bring in the most revenue. Some other features include impression capping, geo-targeting, filtering ads on specific categories/tags, analytics, and lots more.

2.WP PRO Advertising System

WP PRO Advertising System is similar to Ads Pro Plugin, as they are both full-service advertising managers. It has over 18 predefined advertising zones with standards like sidebar banners and in-content ads. But it also includes some more creative options like corner peel ads, background ads, and others!
You can quickly sort ads by advertiser and campaign for easy organization and also promptly view statistics for impressions and clicks. One unique feature of the WP PRO Advertising System is that it comes with its banner ad creator that helps you quickly create animated HTML5 banners.
There’s just one thing to pay attention to – the core plugin doesn’t include a front-end interface to sell your advertisements directly to buyers. Don’t panic! You can get that feature by purchasing an add-on.

3.WP In post-ads

WP in post-ads offers several powerful ad management features, though it lacks the sheer display options provided by the previous two plugins. Like the name indicates, WP In post-ads is only focused on in post-ads, not extras like popups and corner peels.
The main powerful ad management features are built-in split testing. It enables you to test different ads and positions to see, which generates the most income for your site. As for display location, you can either set up specific rules for which ads display on individual posts. Or, if you want a bit more variety, you can tell WP In post-Ads to randomly display your advertisements to figure out which are your top performers.
This also gives you even more control over display location. You can choose to hide ads until after a post has been published for a certain number of days or have ads automatically turn off after a set period. So if you want something quite simple yet practical, then go for WP in post-ads.


WP QUADS is a branch of the popular, but no longer updated, Quick AdSense plugin. It gives you optimum control over where and how your ads display. Take note though, that you are not limited to just AdSense with WP QUADS. You can also use it to post any other ad code. It allows you to choose to either insert your ads at specific positions or display them randomly within your content. You can display up to ten ads per page and also use tags to enable or disable certain ads or placements manually.
In the premium version of the plugin, there are new features like ad blocker detection, AMP support, and more layout options. It is not as strong as the previous plugins, but it also has a decent free version. So if you’re low on cash, consider giving it a look.

5.Elite Video Player

Elite video player is a video player for WordPress. So why is it on this list? It adds powerful advertising options to any of the videos that you embed in WordPress. It helps you add pre-roll, mid-roll, post-roll, or popup ads to your videos. It also lets you add custom ad skip times, and you can set these same ads to run for different videos in a playlist.
Elite Video Player includes some other features for actually embedding videos. However, the unique selling proposition of this plugin is the advertising options. If you continuously post videos, this is an advertising option worth testing.


AdRotate is another full-service advertising solution. In the free version, you can manage both your ads as well as third-party networks. You can quickly see how many impressions and clicks your ads have received and monitor the different ad groups you set up for their performance. In the premium version, you can set more detailed schedules as well as geo-target your ads to areas as small as individual cities.
If you want to sell ads directly to individuals, you can easily accept PayPal payments. Advertisers will get personalized front-end dashboards where they can see an overview of both their ads and stats. AdRotate seems to have the best free version of any of the plugins on this list. And its pro version can go toe-to-toe with the other ad management plugins.

7.WordPress Ad widget

WordPress Ad Widget is the most straightforward option on this list. If you want something free and lightweight, check it out. Otherwise, the other plugins offer way more functionality. It gives you a widget that you can place anywhere in your sidebar. In that widget, you can easily place your custom banner ads as well as Google AdSense ads. It’s helpful and straightforward for beginners, but that’s about it.

In Conclusion

Several factors determine which of the plugins to go for and you can get more information about them at Joel House. These factors include the display location and options, whether or not you want to sell directly to advertisers, time control over your ads, split-testing as well as your financial disposition. Whatever your need is, one of the plugins mentioned above will meet it!