Top 5+ Email Marketing Plugins for WordPress

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Email marketing is one of the easiest ways out to promote your WordPress business or website on the go. Through emails, you can easily communicate with your subscribers of what’s new in your business.

Sending thousands of emails (Updates, offers, newsletters) to your users can be a hefty task and will eat a major part of your productive time. This is where Email marketing plugins can help you set up and automize your lead collection, lead validation and lead nurturing process with just a few clicks.

Here are the Top 10 email marketing plugins for WordPress that will help you right from email lead collection, email lead validation and email lead nurturing.

Email Validation Plugins for WordPress

Email validation plugins are one of the most important tools for running an effective email marketing campaigns. An email validation plugin will instantly validate the email account at the point of entry (Subscription forms, Contact forms, Order forms etc) whether it is real or not. Email validation will help you collect only valid email leads and can save you a lot of email marketing costs. Here are the top email validation plugins.


EmailChecker is one of the renowned email validation tools known for its accuracy of Yahoo mail verification. EmailChecker’s API can be easily integrated with your WordPress website.

EmailChecker Key Features

1. 99% email deliverability
2. Easy one-click integration with WordPress
3. Prevent false emails
4. Real-time email verification
5. Flexible pay-as-you-go pricing model


MailboxValidator is another useful tool that can help you in collecting valid email leads. MailboxValidator plugin block all the free, disposable or invalid emails entering into your email list. MailboxValidator email validation API can be integrated with dozens of plugins namely Contact form 7, MailChimp, Formidable forms, WooCommerce and more. MailboxValidator API allows you to validate upto 300 emails every month for free, which is a very good option you are just starting out with email marketing with your WordPress site.

MailboxValidator Key Features
1. Easy integration with dozens of WordPress plugins
2. Supports disposable email validation
3. 300 free email validation every month
4. Upto 96% email deliverability
5. 100% GDPR compliant

Byteplant – Byteplant email validation plugin is the quickest in terms of validating email on real-time basis. The BytePlant plugin integration with the is_email() function of WordPress and integrates seamlessly with other plugins like Contact form 7, Gravity forms, Ninja forms, Jetpack, WooCommerce and more.

1. Byteplant Key Features
2. Syntax verification (IETF/RFC standard conformance)
3. DNS validation, including MX record lookup
4. Catch-All testing
5. Greylisting detection
6. 100% GDPR compliant

Email Newsletter Plugins for WordPress
Now that you have collected valid email leads it’s time to generate revenue out of them. Sending beautifully crafted emails with this email newsletter plugins for WordPress will make your life much easier and help you engage your users with effective drip sequences.
1. Sendx – SendX is a powerful all in one email lead generation and marketing automation platform that does the heavy lifting for you. SendX is a feature-rich email newsletter plugin that comes with highly useful widgets like hello bars, Pop Ups, sliders, modals and more. The in-built widgets will help you convert your visitors into loyal blog subscribers.

1. SendX Key Features
2. Send unlimited email campaigns
3. Build your email list
4. Automate advanced email sequences
5. Ready made themes
6. Integrates with any website

2. Mailpoet – With Mailpoet you can schedule your newsletters and send them right away. Also, new blog post notifications can be sent to the email subscribers in just a few clicks. MailPoet email newsletter plugin easily integrates with WordPress and helps the user create beautiful emails from scratch or pre-built responsive templates. MailPoet premium is available for free for the websites with 1000 subscribers or fewer.

Mailpoet Key Features
1. Custom newsletter subscription form for your website
2. Free with all premium features (for Upto 1000 subscribers)
3. Automatic emails for new blog post notification
4. Build and send newsletters with WordPress
5. 100% GDPR complaint

3. Mailjet – Mailjet is one of the most useful email marketing plugins that gives access to all modest email marketing features like easy email management, contact list management, automated contact synchronization and more.

Mailjet Key Features
1. Drag and drop campaign builder tool
2. World-class email deliverability
3. Key insights and measurable analytics
4. 100% data compliance
5. International UI and Support

Email Opt-in Plugins For WordPress
Optinmonster – OptinMonster is an amazing WordPress popup plugin helps in growing an email list and get more subscribers with popups and other types of high converting optin forms. The WordPress popup plugin makes it super easy to grow an email list. It allows to create different types of campaigns like popup forms, exit-intent popup campaigns, floating header or floating footer bars etc.

Optinmonster Key Features
1. High converting optin forms
2. Professionally designed templates
3. 100% responsive
4. Mobile-friendly
5. Beginner-friendly WordPress popup plugin
6. Easy integration with all email marketing services

2. Icegram – Icegram is the easiest tool that totally eliminates the need to hire a developer. It can be set-up with just a few clicks and you can start recording the results right away. With Icegram you can create beautiful optins and call to action of your choice.

Icegram Key Features
1. Appealing slide-in-messengers
2. Instantly drive traffic
3. Attention grabbing notifications
4. Well timed popups
5. Sleek action bars

3. PopupAlly – PopupAlly advanced Lightbox popup plugin allows you to build your list as people are about to exit your website. The Exit-intent popup allows you to capture the lost visitors and have been shown to increase conversion by over 300%.

PopupAlly Key Features
1. Horizontal opt-in forms
2. Time delay and exit-intent popups
3. Drag-and-Drop Design Editor
4. Create Popups Of Any Shape
5. Scroll Activated Box and Popups

There are many Email marketing WordPress out there but the list above shows some of the very best email marketing plugins for WordPress that are trusted by tons of Websites across the globe and are proven to be effective for any WordPress website.