Top 3 sites to buy Instagram followers in the UK

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Buying Instagram followers has become a norm across the UK. With several celebrities, comedians, individuals and other personalities scrambling for the online audience, the importance of buying Instagram followers cannot be underscored. If you want the cheapest, fastest and easy way to build your Instagram community it’s high time you consider buying followers.

While you may choose to grow your Instagram account organically without buying followers, it may be costly and challenging to grow your account. All you need is to identify the right platform and buy followers to fast-track the growth of your Instagram account.

What you need to note is that despite the number of platforms selling Instagram accounts surging every day, it may be a bit challenging to identify a credible platform. This is why we have compiled a list of the best sites that you can buy UK Instagram followers.

Remember growing your Instagram account comes with numerous benefits including attracting sponsors. On that note, do not be left out. Purchase Instagram followers from the sites highlighted in this article and enjoy numerous benefits that come with a vibrant Instagram account.

Top on the list is The platform is one of the most credible sellers of Uk based Instagram followers.

Sites features

Boostlikes features a user-friendly interface that makes it easy for users to navigate and order followers directly without any struggle. The packages are easily accessible on the home page hence you can navigate and place your order with ease.

Pricing  comes with an array of prices determined by the number of followers you need. At as low as $20, you can easily get a package that suits your needs. All you need is to place an order and have it processed in real-time.

Delivery period

The delivery period is determined by the number of Instagram followers you intend to purchase. The higher the number of followers the more the turnaround time. This is because it would take time to have a huge number of followers reflect on your platform.

 Being a credible platform, you’d rather be patient to have your order processed than go for quick followers on other platforms that may easily backfire on the credibility of your Instagram account.

Customer  Service

Boostlikes  has a responsive customer service system. Customers can request services either through the website chat, send an email or make a call. The response time is quick and you can be served at any given time upon placing an order.


If you are looking for the most credible platform, then you can’t get it wrong with boostlikes. Armed with exceptional customer reviews and extensive experience in delivering credible services, be rest assured to get real and active followers for your Instagram account. That would not only improve your brand image but also help build a strong relationship with prospects.

Money back Guarantee

Money-back guarantee is a concept used to improve customer confidence. If you feel unsatisfied with the services offered, you can as well request a refund. To restore trust with every customer, the platform reviews refund requests on a case to case basis to ascertain genuine concerns.  In that case, if you are concerned about trust, then boostlikes is a perfect choice to buy real Instagram followers.


 Instapple  is another notable platform known to sell real Instagram followers. If you need the UK targeted followers for your Instagram account, you can count on  instapple . The platform comes with excellent customer service and a user-friendly interface that makes it easy to navigate and place an order.

Credible followers

Instapple  is not a typical Instagram buying platform. Instead, it comes with advanced features that guarantee the credibility of followers purchased from the platform. If you are looking for organic followers then instapple  is an ideal choice. Unlike other platforms that you may not tell where the followers are coming from,instapple  has a transparent approach that ensures you get value for your money.

Besides running a network of successful Instagram profiles, the platform collaborates with influencers to help advertisers and marketers tell their stories to a wide audience. That way, you are not only assured of the safety of your platform but guaranteed real and active followers.

Mode of payment

Instapple offers a wide range of payment options for customers. Whether you are a bitcoin investor, prefer a secure mode of payment like PayPal or simply want to use your credit card, you have an array of options that you can choose from.

Data security

You do not have to share your password or any other personal data to have your order processed. As such, the safety of your data is guaranteed. All you need is to share the link to your Instagram account and get the buzz you have been longing for.

Customer service

If you are looking for an excellent customer service experience then instapple  is a perfect choice. Besides a money-back guarantee, the technical team works round the clock to assist clients with questions they may have regarding their orders. In addition to being responsive, you can be rest assured to get any help that you may need at any given time.


The safety of your Instagram accounts is paramount. As such,instapple   uses safe means to grow your account without subjecting it to other tools. That way, you can grow your account without worrying about losing it. Collaboration with established l Instagram account holders assures you of getting value for your money.


Instapple  places emphasis on the quality of services offered to customers. This is why the platform has attracted the interest of many celebrities and other individuals who want to grow their Instagram accounts organically. This is manifested through several positive reviews appearing on the site.

#3. Smartlikes 

Smartlikes is another notable player in the world of buying Instagram followers. Besides commanding a considerable market segment,smartlikes   is known to offer the most credible services. If you are still spoilt of choice on the best platform that you can buy Instagram followers, then you can consider smartlikes .

Site features

Smartlikes  comes with a user-friendly platform that makes it easy to navigate. Coupled with a well-optimized home page and active chat system, you can easily reach out to get any assistance that you may need. All you need is to navigate the home page and select the type of service you need.


Smartlikes  comes with a wide range of pricing options. From as little as $2, you can get a package of your choice. However,   pricing is determined by the number of followers that you need for your platform. The bottom line is that smartlikes comes with pocket-friendly pricing that suits the needs of everyone.

Money back Guarantee

Smartlikes  is not only a credible platform but also straightforward. With a money-back guarantee, you are assured value for your money. If you got scammed on other platforms then it’s high time you consider trying out purchasing Instagram followers from smartlikes .

Real followers

If you have been buying followers on other platforms but you haven’t seen any engagement on your Instagram account, then it’s high time you consider buying real followers from smarlikes . This will not only help improve the credibility of your platform but also improve your brand image.

 With real and active Instagram followers, you can leverage on a huge following to generate impressive income from advertisers. In that regard, we recommend smartlikes  to help you transform your Instagram account.

Customer service

Smartlikes  emphasizes customer satisfaction. Customers can be served round the clock regardless of their location. Additionally, the customer service is responsive hence you can get help any time of the day or night. You can easily reach out to the team via either email, website chat or call. Whichever suits you, be rest assured to get help at any given time.

First, turn around Time

Smartlikes  has the fastest turnaround time in order processing. While this may be the case, large orders may be processed within 24hrs while normal and small orders may be instant.

Depending on how fast you want the order processed, the platform has a responsive team that ensures every client gets exactly what they want.


While there are hundreds of platforms purporting to sell real Instagram followers, many are unscrupulous dealers that may easily dupe you into fake followers. For instance, if you buy fake followers, you will end up with less engagement on your Instagram account.

 That way, Instagram’s algorithm may easily flag your account. In other words, the number of Instagram followers must reflect engagement. If this doesn’t happen you may either lose your account or lose followers. This is because the credibility of your platform is dependent on how people engage with your account.  

Therefore, we recommend that you buy Instagram followers from the websites mentioned in this article to protect the credibility of your profile. In that case, you can attract more followers and convert your Instagram into a lucrative business venture.