Things To Consider When Building In WordPress

Posted on Jun 06 2014 by in Blog 

Planning the structure of a WordPress site before creation can save you time later on. Creating a WordPress website is a fairly simple process; though, as your website grows it can become disorganized and hard to manage. As with any major project, you should take the time to carefully plan out the task at hand. How many pages may be needed, whether new pages will be added, deciding if you are going to use posts, and other structural decisions are needed before you get too far with the creation of your site. So that you do not waste any time or resources in the future, here are some examples of what you should consider when planning a WordPress website.

WordPress Site Structure

The first major decision that you need to make about your WordPress site is the overall structure. As mentioned earlier, you need to think about pages and posts. If you are going to have a lot of pages, then it may help to organize them in a hierarchy with parent and child pages. For your posts it will help to use categories and tags whenever possible. Categories and tags are just as important to the structure of your website as page hierarchy. Knowing what you will be posting about, write down a few examples of categories and tags that you may use. These should be thought of as keywords that help visitors navigate your website.

Choosing a WordPress Theme

The theme you use will affect your entire WordPress site. Since you already have a good idea of the content that you are going to be creating it is time to select the right WordPress theme. When you are browsing through the WordPress themes look at how the menu works, what the layout is like, and the placement of widgets. Also, do not worry if you do not find a theme that matches your exact idea of what your site should look like. Most themes allow you to customize the colors, headers, and other settings so that you can create a WordPress site that best represents you or your business.

By now you are probably aware that there are free WordPress themes and premium themes. Free themes will work just fine for most WordPress users; though, premium themes tend to include specific features that you might find helpful.


WordPress Plugins

After choosing a theme, spend some time looking through the WordPress plugins and think about any features that were not included in your theme that you would like added. These features can often be added by installing plugins. For example, you may want to add ecommerce functionality to your site. There are plugins that can help with this. Also, keep in mind that the use of plugins should be limited.

By making all these decisions before you actually install WordPress and start posting and creating pages, you are going to save yourself a lot of hassle later on. Consider the structure of your website, write down some categories and tags, and choose a WordPress theme.