The top WordPress SEO plug-in which you should use

Posted on Jul 19 2017 by in SEO Plugins 

Website designing vitally depends on the SEO, and mastering the work related to SEO is important to build any kind of websites. There are different domain and platforms where you can create your own website very easily these days. One of the most popular platforms for website designing and blogging is WordPress. Search engines are the best source of website traffic, and hence it is important to opt for a domain and website platform which is equipped with the best SEO tools. The WordPress interface has a number of beautiful templates for your site, and with basic knowledge of SEO, you can easily design a WordPress website. However to strengthen the SEO of your site, it is important to add plug-in which is meant specifically for SEO work. The tools are mostly quite easy to use, and you can quickly master them in minimum time.

WordPress SEO by Yoast

It is one of the most popular WordPress plug-ins for SEO work. The plug-in has been developed by Yoast and provides a comprehensive solution to all kinds of on-site SEO needs that the users have. You can add SEO titles, Meta description, and keywords with the help of this tool for each and every post of your website. Writing a custom title, archives management, and tagging is made easier with the help of this particular plug in. There is an extensive list of features associated with the WordPress SEO, and you can always check through them when you are opting for an SEO tool. It is important to use a specific SEO tool to boost your website further.


If you are trying to evaluate and gather the analytics of your website accurately, the SEMrush is the best choice. It is a professional tool, and you would have to learn website designing to some extent in order to reap the maximum benefit out of it. Learn about organic keywords, how to get back links and from where also insights of your rival website’s advertising strategies can be viewed with the help of this particular tool. It is, however, a paid subscription and professional tool and in order to use it properly, you must master the working of SEO and data analytics first.

Google keyword planner

As the name suggests, this is a tool for helping you out with innovating new and useful keywords for your website. Google is a search engine giant that is being used by millions of people across the world for browsing the internet. The keywords form the backbone of a search through the web, and the individuals who are searching for posts which you have written or published would be able to find them when their search keyword match with the keywords you have used. Google keyword planner can assist you by providing with insight about the type of keywords relevant to the topic that is trending and also help users choose the right keywords. Content marketers and bloggers can immensely benefit from this tool if they are focusing on high advertiser interest, high search volume, and most importantly, ways in which you can outrank other websites with similar content.


Another free and but useful keyword search tool is the You can easily generate new keywords suggestions by typing in a keyword of your choice on the topic. The suggestions are the treasure house of information which you can out to use. It is a fast, lightweight and free tool that even beginners at website designing and SEO marketing can use. You can also use this tool for getting keyword suggestion for YouTube, Bing and even the app store. The best source marketing- Santa Barbara suggest this tool to the clients for helping them out with their website SEO works.

Open site explorer

It is a tool that is developed by Moz, and it is a free tool you can add to your WordPress site. With the help of this tool, you can easily check the domain name related data. You can also check the anchor texts and who is linking them to that domain through this particular tool. The information rich tool helps you find comprehensive information about linking domains, top pages, and pages that are being linked to your website. However, there is one drawback about this tool- you have a daily search limit for each person on this particular tool. However with the pro subscription which is a paid service you can access the information without any limit and also get access to other relevant tools.


It is a professional and premium WordPress plug-in through which you can control all the links available on your website. Monitoring the outgoing links and relevant information is necessary, and hence you need to have a proper tool for surveillance. With the help of this particular tool, all such information becomes accessible to you. This tool is less resource intensive that other free plug-in available for the same work and hence faster and more efficient than them. It can help you with cleaning link juice problem, spammy links and anchor texts quickly. The super fast user interface makes it a very suitable option for a number of users across the world who works with the WordPress interface. Also you can check more details with Sherman Square Marketing.

Broken link checker

Broken links can be problematic for the viewers who cannot open your website and this, in turn, can affect your SEO severely. If you are running a blog, you must ensure that such trouble does not occur. With the help of the broken link checker, you can find if there is any broken link on your website and fix them as well. It can be done without even editing the original post. It is a handy plug-in, and it is free as well.

It can be concluded that WordPress seo tools are essential for ensuring that your website is visible through different search engines and you can work on getting more traffic.

Author bio: Piona Gills is writer of the article, and she has studied and analyzed various types of WordPress SEO plug-in. She knows which one is the best. She has a thorough understanding of Best source marketing- Santa Barbara.