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If you type the word ”unlimited” in a lexicon the results you may find are: unrestricted, infinite, or boundless. In a tech world, the word ”unlimited” sounds very impressive. For example, if you want to launch your website and you are looking for a reliable hosting provider, you may encounter different colourful and tempting ads. One that may catch your eye has the word ”unlimited’ in it. It may sound like something you must try, for if someone offers an unlimited hosting service, that is a chance not to be missed. There are several benefits to your business if you find a reliable web hosting company; if you want to find more about such an option, check this link. However, before signing up for the ”unlimited” hosting plan you might first want to find out more about what the word ”unlimited” represents. Because one thing is for sure in this world nothing is unlimited. Down below you can find more information you may need in the future about unlimited hosting.

First thing first let us make clear what is a web hosting. It is a service that could provide an individual or a group of individuals standing behind a great company with a hosting service. Web hosting providers rent you an online space where you get to launch your website. They also provide you with services and features you need to maintain your website. All of this is, of course, billed annually and the price depends on the hosting plans you choose. However, the good thing is that you might find all the services you need for free. Meaning that there are free web hosting companies that can offer you similar hosting plans as those that would bill you for it. A free hosting provider is a good start for an individual who is starting its business on a low budget and can use the money earned from a website that is hosted for free to invest in the future business. If you want to gather more information, do so via this link. To find a good and reliable hosting company you need to learn as much as you can about it. There are also different hosting types to pay attention to, that is also dependable on what you imagined for your website.

There are several features that a web hosting company may offer you that are ”unlimited”. These features are disk space, data transfer, bandwidth, emails, databases and more. Depending on what kind of website you are planning to run, you need to think about data it will store. Approximately how much storage space you are going to be needing every month. The data is rapidly growing and IT professionals are always finding new ways to store it. If you are interested in how it will look in the future. Not only data but if you want to have frequent correspondence with your readers, you need to have enough space for emails to be stored.

The term ”unlimited” mostly refers to disk space and bandwidth. When a web hosting provider offers an unlimited disk space that usually means that you can host an unlimited or infinite number of files on the server, which is proven to be useful if you happen to be a blogger that has a great number of photos uploading to your site. While on the other hand bandwidth describes the maximum data transfer of a network connection. More precisely, bandwidth measures how much data can be sent in a certain amount of time. So bandwidth is used to describe the speed of a network. Meaning that unlimited bandwidth sounds magical. Your site should be rocketing to your visitors.

If you happen to run a popular website, the feature of unlimited bandwidth will be of tremendous help as it will not allow your website to be overwhelmed with large traffic. With unlimited bandwidth, your site will not crash. Nobody likes it when their favorite site crashes.

As it was said before, there is no ”unlimited” feature on whichever web host. There is always a catch. In the very competitive web hosting industry, unlimited often means that the limits are so high that a common user will probably never be able to reach the given limit. For example, if your hosting plans have assigned a 100GB of disk space, with your website you could use up to 50 GB of disk space on the main server. Every web hosting provider has in its business certain limits, which are not the same as to the other hosting companies. You need to take that into consideration before making your decision.

The term ”unlimited” may look amazing on the advert of some hosting company. However, that is not always the case. Check closely the offer and see how much of a limitation an ”unlimited” plan has. See whether you can reach that limitation with your website. The good thing with some web hosting companies is that they offer a free trial period, after which if you are not satisfied you can get your money back. Which is always a good thing.


Affordable hosting for your WordPress blog. Superfast, reliable service and offered at one of the cheapest price in UK.

About HostPresto!

Started as a bedroom project in 2001 under the brand Dream Hosting, HostPresto! has become one of the leading UK web hosting providers. Our uncompromising commitment to customer care and product quality has established us as a favourite by our customers, and has underpinned the continual and steady growth year on year we have enjoyed since inception. 15 years on, as our size and technologies have progressed we still value the same core principles as we know this is the key to success. Over the years, our continual commitment research and development to hosting hardware and software technology has allowed us to offer some of the fastest, most reliable, feature rich and environmentally friendly web hosting available today. Good web hosting is an art form, like a fine wine, only the highest quality ingredients and knowledge gained through experience can create a perfect blend that will provide you with the high quality product you expect, and deserve.

One Click Install

Get your WordPress blog up and running in less than two minutes with our quick and easy one click install application. All you need to do is fill in the name of your blog and your e-mail address and you’re all set. All WordPress installs are automatically updated to the latest version – you don’t need to life a finger.

Fully UK Hosted

Give your UK audience the hosting it deserves with a lightning fast website. All of our servers are based in the UK which mean your WordPress blog will be delivered to your visitors at the fastest possible speed. All hosting accounts are housed in our state of the art data center.

Powered by cPanel

Configure every aspect of your hosting account with the ever-popular cPanel control panel. You can easily create e-mail addresses, view your visitor statistics, add FTP users and more. You can even install more WordPress blogs should you choose to do so. All with the click of a button.

Use Your Domain

You can use any domain name you own with your WordPress hosting account or you can have us register one for you. You can quickly select which domain name you’ll be using in the registration process and have your account up and running in a matter of minutes.

Easy Migration

If you have a blog hosted elsewhere we’ll migrate it for you for free! We know that relocating to a new host can be a challenge if you’re not sure what you’re doing – so we’re here to help! All you have to do is let us know the details for your old hosting account and we’ll do the rest!

How to Speed up a Cloud Hosted WordPress Site

The load speed of your WordPress website has a significant impact on its success. If it takes long for a page to load, chances are you will register a high bounce rate. This will not be good for your marketing plan. More often than not, the low load speed is not necessarily caused by how you have built your website but depends on the services being offered by your web host. If you are using a cloud hosting services, below are some of the important things you should consider doing in order to boost the speed.

Contact your web host first

The first thing you need to do before you take any other action to boost the load speed of your website is to contact your cloud hosting service provider. You can start by asking them if there is a problem with their servers. The team will also give you tips and ideas to help boost the load speed of your website. By talking to your cloud hosting provider, you will be able to save time which would have been wasted looking for solutions yourself. The hosting service provider understands his systems better than anyone else and he will be able to give you advice that boostsyour website’s speed.

Install caching plugin

Another option you should consider is that of installing specialized caching plugins. This is the most popular method of speeding up a WordPress website. The caching plugin works by storing the final view of the site for any future visitors. This simply means that WordPress will not have to generate it for every following person that wants to view the site. It is also good to pay attention to some of the tools you can get with Salesforce DX. This is an advanced app development tool that can help you create just any application that you need. It offers amazing features to help with online marketing too.

Clean up your database

How well organized your database is will impact the load speed of your website. This is why you also need to spend some time on your database. Start by looking for the inactive plugins or for the plugins that you no longer use or those that no longer work and remove them from your database. This is important when considering that when loading a page, a browser calls up all the elements on the page. This includes the plugins. The more the plugins there are the slower the load speed will be. Having too many plugins will actually hinder your success in marketing. Nobody wants to wait for a marketing page to load up.

Compress the media files

Did you know it is possible for you to compress the media files on your website? Uploading large videos and images will slow down your website. This is why compressing the media files will be very effective in increasing the load speed. There are many WordPress plugins you can use for this.

These are the main things you need to do if you wish to boost the load speed of your website. Other than that, you should consider updating WordPress regularly. Update the themes and plugins and keep your database organized.

Author Bio

David Wicks is a WordPress community manager who enjoys sharing tips and ideas on WordPress, cloud hosting and Internet marketing. David also advises webmasters to use to learn more aboutSalesforce. You can connect with him on LinkedIn.


A website can be a useful tool to run your business, publish content or promote your brand. Many people use their websites as resources for communication with the public. WordPress is a great tool for designing your website. The features it offers can help you customize your page into something that is truly unique.

Once you have your website created, you will need to find a hosting plan to get it online. There are many different services you can choose from for hosting. When your website is up and running, you will want to make sure it is operating at maximum capacity. There are a few steps you can take to ensure that your hosting is allowing your website to function at its best.

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine optimization is the practice of improving your website’s location in a standard search. There are plenty of SEO techniques and tricks available to increase your website’s search engine presence. Thinks like keywords, backlinking and plugins can make sure your website reaches the most viewers possible.

Shared Hosting

There are many different companies available for hosting services. The trend in hosting is moving toward the use of cloud servers. This allows users to store their data in a central server alongside other servers rather than each user having their own individual server. Cloud hosting contains all data in a central location and offers a higher level of security and stability. It also leaves server settings in the hands of the hosting company, removing one more consideration in the running of your website.

WordPress Configuration

The way you design your website will have a major effect on the way it functions. Some themes are more complex than others which means they take longer to load. By choosing your theme carefully, you can allow your website to function at a high rate. In addition, properly sizing and configuring the images on your website can improve its speed and function.

Server Load

It is important to make sure your website is equipped to handle the traffic from visitors. Additional visitors can put a strain on the server, causing problems for the processing of site traffic. Browser caching is an important part of reducing server load. This method reduces the number of requests needed to load a page. If you do not have a caching solution, traffic can get backed up. Most hosting services provide the necessary setup for increased traffic.

Theme Optimization

Theme optimization is an extension of your WordPress configuration. This is the process of editing your sight to make sure it is not requiring too much time or power to load. One of the ways to achieve this is to remove unnecessary images.

By using these simple methods, you can increase the overall functionality of your website. It is important for your visitors to have a good viewing experience with your website. If they try to visit your sight and it takes too long to load, they may leave and forget about it. You want it to be fast and functional so that it catches people’s attention right away.

Many people have used WordPress to create their websites. It is a helpful tool that can transform any website into one of professional quality. WordPress is heavily relied upon by website builders. It is a standard program in the industry that lends its services to both beginners and experienced designers.

But creating the look of your website is not the only consideration in getting it online. In addition to building and designing your website, you will also need to find a web host. WordPress Cloud hosting can provide this service. There are many companies that can offer hosting for your WordPress website. Each one offers convenience to its customers and the security that comes with a cloud hosting platform.

Cloud hosting has become widely used among website owners. It offers many benefits that make it an easy and convenient option. Always choose best wordpress hosting to make your site secure and reliable.


Cloud hosting differs from previous hosting options in that it keeps data in a centralized server. Rather that each customer’s information being stored on an individual server, the cloud hosting model keeps all information in a server that customers are then able to access directly.

This model of hosting provides added stability for users. It prevents you from damaging your server or from suffering damage due to other users. Your information is isolated and kept safe. There is dedicated server space for your website and its stability is guaranteed. When you get your WordPress website looking and working the way you want it to, a cloud host can help you publish it and keep it running securely.

Modifications and adjustments

Cloud hosting makes it easy for users to modify or alter their website content. With a cloud host, this process is as easy as logging into your account and making changes. Once you have your website up and running, you can modify the server software or make adjustments as needed.

For example, the amount of storage you receive from a particular server can be customized to your own website needs. If you are unsure what your data needs will be, you can start out at specific levels of GB storage, Ram and CPU. Once your website usage surpasses these levels, the hosting company can upgrade your storage space. This is an efficient way to track your progress as a website owner. You can build your website one level at a time, rather than having to estimate your needs upfront. It makes it easy to develop and transition along the way.


A major issue with any website platform is cost. Website owners want to publish their information in a way that is cost-effective but also reliable. Cloud hosting is financially efficient for both the customer and the host. By keeping information stored centrally, the need for individual servers is eliminated. This makes the process of website creation streamlined and economical.

Furthermore, the cost-effectiveness of cloud software is tied into its stability. Cloud servers do not suffer from typical hardware problems or damage. If you are using a cloud host to share your website, you will be insulated from possible upkeep costs that can occur with other forms of hosting.