In the realm of digital marketing, having a strong online presence is paramount to success. A key component of achieving this lies in selecting the right WordPress theme that aligns with SEO best practices. Solostream, a renowned developer of WordPress themes, understands the importance of SEO-friendly designs in driving organic traffic and enhancing website visibility. In this guide, we’ll explore the essential elements of SEO-friendly WordPress themes, with a focus on how Solostream creates themes that cater to these needs.

SEO-Friendly WordPress Themes

Understanding SEO-Friendly WordPress Themes

SEO-friendly WordPress themes are meticulously crafted to prioritize elements that contribute to improved search engine rankings and user experience. These themes are built with clean code, mobile responsiveness, schema markup, and speed optimization, catering to the needs of modern website owners seeking the best WordPress themes for their blogs. By selecting an SEO-friendly theme, website owners can lay a strong foundation for their SEO strategies and enhance their chances of ranking higher in search engine results pages (SERPs). 

Key Features of Solostream's SEO-Friendly WordPress Themes

Solostream’s commitment to creating SEO-friendly WordPress themes is evident in its incorporation of key features that cater to modern website needs. These features include:

1. Clean Code: Solostream themes are developed with clean, lightweight code, ensuring optimal performance and site speed. This foundational aspect is essential for websites seeking the best WordPress themes for blogs, as it facilitates efficient crawling and indexing by search engines. 

2. Responsive Design: Our themes are designed to be fully responsive, offering seamless user experiences across desktops, tablets, and smartphones. This responsiveness is crucial for modern website owners looking for responsive WordPress themes that adapt to diverse devices and screen sizes. 

3. Schema Markup Integration: Solostream themes incorporate schema markup into their code, providing search engines with additional context about the content on your website. This integration enhances search engine understanding and visibility, catering to the needs of website owners seeking modern WordPress themes with advanced SEO capabilities. 

4. Customization Options: Our themes offer robust customization options, allowing website owners to optimize meta tags, headings, URLs, and other SEO elements. This flexibility empowers users to tailor their websites to meet specific SEO requirements while maintaining a modern and professional aesthetic.

5. Speed Optimization: Site speed is a critical factor in SEO and user experience. Solostream themes are optimized for speed, featuring lazy loading, file minification, and caching to ensure lightning-fast performance. This focus on speed caters to website owners seeking modern WordPress themes that prioritize both SEO and user satisfaction. 

best WordPress themes for blogs

Choosing the Right Solostream SEO-Friendly WordPress Theme:

When selecting a Solostream SEO-friendly WordPress theme, consider factors such as:

1. Performance: Choose a theme that prioritizes performance and site speed for optimal SEO outcomes.

2. Responsiveness: Ensure the theme is fully responsive to provide seamless experiences across all devices, aligning with the needs of users seeking responsive WordPress themes. 

3. Customization: Look for themes with extensive customization options to tailor your website to specific SEO requirements and preferences.

4. Reviews and Ratings: Read reviews and ratings to gauge the theme’s quality, reliability, and suitability for your project. 

5. Developer Support: Opt for themes with dedicated support and regular updates from Solostream to ensure long-term compatibility and security. 


In conclusion, SEO-friendly WordPress themes are essential tools for achieving SEO success and maximizing website visibility. Solostream’s commitment to creating themes with clean code, responsive design, schema markup integration, customization options, and speed optimization caters to the needs of modern website owners seeking the best WordPress themes for blogs. By selecting the right Solostream theme and harnessing its SEO capabilities, website owners can embark on a journey towards enhanced online presence, increased visibility, and sustainable growth in the competitive digital landscape. 

Premium WordPress Support

25% of the world’s websites run on WordPress and SoloStream provide Dedicated Support & Maintenance Plans for Everyone who areeusing WordPress Themes. SoloStream always Serve the Customers from Anywhere, Any Device, at Any time. Customers can also check status Anytime, Anywhere, on Any Device!

The great thing about working with WordPress is that the best WordPress help is never hard to find. Whether you have a simple question or a more complex issue. The support forums provide a great place to start when you have a WordPress problem, especially for those who are new to using WordPress. Every time SoloStream give you the best team for anything you need, from installing plugins to cleaning up CSS issues and even styling the front-end of your site.

We have diffirent diffrent services according to the customers requirements. our plans include things like Support Time,Premium WP Theme,Email & Chat, Security & Whitelist, Updates [PHP/MySql], Uptime Performance Chart, Backup, Speed Optimization, Job Sheet, Staging Site, E commerce Support, Faster Ticket Response , SEO Optimization, Phone Support, Dedicated Technician, Premium WP-Hosting and many other services.

We at SoloStream are having huge collection of themes which you can use as per your requirement, We deliver our customers high quality service for WordPress. We make sure that our customer is satisfied with the given quality, We are having experts in our team who are having deep knowledge of WordPress Development, We provide best support to our clients. With the help of our Support Plan we give best support, We give high level WordPress maintenance to our clients so that the website never goes down, As per the requirement of our customers we develop theme and provide them custom theme.

To know more about the premium WordPress suppiort of the SoloStream please visit Our Support plans and Prices.

WordPress is an awesome blogging platform, and a huge number of individuals begin their WordPress blog journey every day – whether it’s self-hosted on a web server or as a free blog. Blogging seems to be the trend that isn’t going away for at least the next decade.

Like an individual, blogs too have their own identity, which is visible as the content on your blog. It is very easy to find if a particular blog that you are reading is being run by a new blogger or an experienced one. You may be putting up the right content but bam! No success yet.

There are many things which we can do to make our blog appealing and in this post, we will discuss the best of the many tips that you can utilize for your blog’s success. To do blogging the right way, read on.

Craft attractive and appealing Content

Composing new and appealing content should be your priority as a blogger. This is your only sure shot attempt to pull the positively good activity towards your WordPress blog. If your content is not good, its purpose is half way defeated. Apart from good content, it is imperative for your blog to stay fresh and the old content be updated at regular intervals of time.

Apart from this, also make sure that your content has visual appeal. A great infographic, a presentation slide or just a simple video will work the deal for you.

Get your Blog noticed

In today’s competitive world, creating a trendy WordPress blog won’t be enough. You will need to do thorough research about your targeted blog audience. You must know what array of online audience will be interested in the type of content your blog sports. The demographics, the section of the online audience, and the purpose of their visit has to be monitored in prior.

The most fundamental and essential element to get your site noticed is to actually work on the distribution of its posts. There are countless online platforms available for sharing the published blogposts so that your blog gets all the fresh exposure.

Tune in with other bloggers

There are very strong probabilities that you aren’t the only one blogging about your topic on the Internet. So, find some bloggers and begin taking part and commenting on their web blogs. Most bloggers allow unanimous comments on their blog and if that isn’t the case, follow the blog by registering to their email newsletter. Also having best email marketing service providers for your blog can help here too to get you lot of leads. collecting leads from your blogs is always good.

You’ll get a few guests from their blog, as well as build an affinity with the creator to consider a link building relationship.

Another essential component to get your WordPress blog noticed is to get in touch with like-minded and relevant members of the blogging community. This community can comprise of the bloggers that write about the same niche as yours. They can provide you valuable inputs about how to improvise upon the blogging work.

Make share that you engage in their blogging platform as well. It will spread a decent informal exchange and bring more readers to your WordPress site when their readers learn about your blog through comments.

Seek Feedback

A decent blogger is the one who uses the feedback from its readers to make their WordPress blog engaging. It is important with a view to retaining loyal followers and readers.

Moreover, if you use the feedback of your clients and followers, you will get to understand what areas require more effort. This will help you to get experiences about your readers on how they think, feel about your blog. It will also help you learn more about new blog audience and to roll out improvements in an expected manner.

Take part in the Online Community

Participating in the online community helps you bring traffic to your blog or site. All you need to do is take part in discussions and online forums to promote your blog and to draw in clients and followers. Taking part in online discussions will help you make your site inventive and imaginative. Reddit is a great online community that can come to your use for such interactions.

Guest Posting

In today’s time, guest posting on other famous blogs is an effective and efficient promotional form for bloggers from around the globe. Popular websites keep looking for guest bloggers with an expectation of unearthing great content for their site along with gaining linkbacks.

All you will need to do is get in touch with sites that are seeking guest posts. Once they are up and ready, you can send them the content. This will bring a new-found recognition and new followers for your blog as well. Submitting your blog details and links to various websites is a good move to make as well.

Utilizing Email Signatures

To bring traffic to your WordPress blog, use your email signature with links to your blog. If you are using WordPress as a blogging platform, you are well aware that you can post awesome author bios at the end of the post. If not, consider getting a plugin to help your readers and guests to get in touch with you to give you feedback and remarks.

Using these email signatures gives the followers an approach to remain connected with the blog owner. It makes them feel that you esteem their proposals and their needs are more vital to you. By doing this you will draw the individuals from various areas which can make your blog well known.

Inspire your readers to comment

If a reader comments on your post, they clearly have something to state. This might just be a sudden flair but that is what needs to be tapped. Whenever you reply to a new comment on your blog, you leave an impression that the comment matters to you. By answering to your readers, you encourage a relationship that can be fruitful for the popularity of your blog.

Once the readers know your state of mind as a blog owner, they will begin sharing the post on their own social media accounts and feeds.

Social Sharing of the blogposts

Social sharing plugins on the Internet can do miracles to multiply your blog’s popularity. Basic social networking platform like Facebook, Twitter, Google+ communities, and Instagram are the easiest way to share your blog. You can also go the extra edge by using other great blog sharing platforms like StumbleUpon, Triberr,Blog engage etc.


One of the reasons as to why a successful blog is such a huge challenge is the fact that the Internet is over-crowded with millions of blogs on different blogging platforms. Many bloggers give up to this challenge after a couple of months because their blog isn’t that popular the way they expected it to be.

Being a blogger or site owner, it becomes imperative to make your blog prevalent and easy to use. If you need to drive heavy traffic to your blog, then you ought to take a look at these strategies specified above in this blog. You will get links eventually, and as your blog get older, it will gain more and more trust. After all, running a purposeful, popular and money-minting blog isn’t as easy a pie.

The right WordPress theme will save you a great deal of time and money which would have been spent in coding. The themes are designed to help you achieve your desired web layout with ease and without ever spending a lot of time in coding. However, before you rush into the decision of using themes, there are a number of important things you have to do in order to find the theme that works best for you.

Focus on simplicity

More often than not, when searching for the best themes to use in Minneapolis, most webmasters focus on the more sophisticated ones. This is because they look unique and are not easy to replicate. Although this might be true to some level, it is not always the case. Most of the complicated themes will bloat your website because they use many lines of code. Some are even not optimized for search as the developers focus on aesthetic appeal.

In the search for the right themes, don’t be distracted by the loads of colors, intricate layouts or flashy animations. Focus on the theme that will help you accomplish your goals. If the theme doesn’t help you achieve your goals, it will be a waste of time.

Don’t compromise on responsiveness

Having a responsive web design is no longer an option; it is a requirement. You need to work with themes that can adjust their layouts across various screen sizes and devices. Considering a great number of web traffic comes from mobile, having a responsive web design will boost your SEO efforts. As a matter of fact, a mobile-friendly web design is a priority in every Minneapolis SEO service. With that being said, you must always test the themes you are considering for mobile compatibility.

Browser compatibility

Even though the year is 2017 where everybody understands the importance of browser compatibility, you should not be surprised to find WordPress themes that are not cross-browser compatible. Yes, the webpage may load on all browsers but you might notice that some things are broken in certain browsers. This happens when there is browser incompatibility. You have to test the themes rigorously for browser compatibility. You have to remember that the members of your audience use different browsers. As a priority, you have to make sure that your website loads smoothly on common browsers like Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari and Internet Explorer.

Supported plugins

One of the reasons why most people use WordPress is because of the impressive assortment of plugins. Plugins will help you achieve desired functions without having to spend time coding. When deciding on the WordPress themes to use, you have to make sure that the theme you choose supports the plugins you plan on using.

These are just some of the key considerations you have to make when deciding on the theme to use. Other important considerations you should make include multilingual readiness, page builders, technical support options, SEO friendliness, user ratings and reviews among other things. Always pick the theme that enables you to achieve your goals.

Author Bio

Derek Iwasiuk run’s national digital search engine optimization firm headquarted in Minneapolis. Also spends a lot of his free time educating the minds of thousands of young SEO’s and top agencies on how to offer quality Minneapolis SEO service. You can also follow him on twitter @Diwasiuk

Many people have websites (for their businesses as well as for personal use) and many people have blogs. The issue is whether people truly understand the difference between a website and a blog. They certainly are not the same thing.

The following explains the basic differences between a blog and a website:


  •      Content is regularly updated.
  •      Not formal.
  •      Interactive.
  •      Informative and educational.
  •      Interactivity about industry/customer issues.
  •      Some people have a blog.


  •      Content is static.
  •      Formal/professional.
  •      Interactivity does not exist. There is only one-way communication.
  •      Transactional.
  •      Communication about products and/or services.
  •      Almost everyone has a website. In fact, it is almost a requirement in business today.

A good way to think about a website is in terms of it being a virtual store that sells products and/or services. A website is the perfect forum to self-promote and advertise. Promotion and buying and selling are exactly what people expect when they visit a website. When they are at the point of making a purchase of some kind, they go to a website that will satisfy their needs.

It is also basically impossible to build relationships with your potential customers and existing customers on your website because the website is static. Once a person has purchased something from you, there is no potential for interactivity so the relationship will never have a chance to develop and grow.


A blog; however, is constantly supplying potential customers and existing customers with interesting and useful content and the blog enables them to interact with the blogger and the discussions that they have together can be potentially unending. Not only can you and your customers have discussions but they can also ask questions that you can answer.

Blogs have a lot of useful features that are very helpful in promoting interactivity. Blogs enable visitors to subscribe to them so they can receive updates on a very regular basis. They will always be informed when new content is added or there has been some update to the social media profiles of the people with whom they interact.

The true purpose of a blog is to provide helpful, valuable, informative and interesting content that helps other people and that they find interesting. A blog’s purpose is definitely not to advertise or to do a hard sell on anyone. If you try to use your blog in that way, you will be very disappointed with the results. You will not be able to build relationships with anyone and you most likely won’t sell very much. People don’t buy from people whom they don’t trust. The only way that they will trust you is if they get to know you.

All in one

One approach that has proven very effective is building your website with blog software, such as WordPress. Blog software has the capability of providing you with both static web pages (pages) and blog pages (posts). Since both are necessary for the success of your online exposure, this allows you to design a web presence that contains a traditional website and a blog using one tool. Among the other benefits are:

  •      One homogenous look and feel.
  •      Ease of optimization for SEO.
  •      Sharing of add-on plugins between the pages and posts.
  •      Ease and speed of designing and developing the web presence.
  •      Ease of maintenance and updating of content since the entire web infrastructure is based on a content management system (CMS).



The Creative Collective are highly experienced wordpress website designers, having created hundreds of websites on WordPress.

Indeed we have one of the original Solostream designers on our team – who produces kick arse wordpress design on a daily basis, and understands the WordPress platform at a deep level, as well as the design trends that are driving change.  

We’re into creating simple but effective wordpress designs, and are well aware and equipped to design wordpress sites that are mobile and tablet friendly.



WordPress started off life as a blogging platform but has now developed into one of the world’smost popular (and free) CMS’s. WordPress has a variety of available modules (known as plug-ins on WordPress). Some well known and globally respected brands use WordPress as their CMS.

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WordPress has become one of the most preferred website and blog platforms for business owners, publishers and authors when it comes to building their own slice of cyberspace, or whether when it comes to filling up their pocket by earning their daily bread. This is for small entrepreneurs as well as big entrepreneurs.  One of the main reasons WordPress is so popular, is the ease with which you can build and update your website or blog, so that it plays nicely with others without you needing a lot of technical “know how”. WordPress is open source and has a robust plug-in architecture that allows for the inclusion of third-party applications to enhance WordPress user experience.


We generally approach our wordpress design in a few key phases:

  • WordPress design brief – We meet with the decision makers of your business to discuss the requirements for your website in more detail i.e. vision, strategies, goals and objectives; target market; required look and feel; calls to action; rough out navigation/site map, overall layout.
  • WordPress design proof – we create a wordpress design in line with your branding and the initial brief discussion supply it to you for approval.
  • Integration – We integrate the above design into the CMS (content management system) aka wordpress platform, and activate dynamic menus and other back end items
  • Content – We source and/or upload the content for the wordpress website i.e. the images and words
  • Testing & Tweaking – We ensure the wordpress site is good to go with full testing and quality checks on different browsers to ensure compliance and functionality
  • Training & handover – We arrange a one-on-one training and handover wordpress session to show you the ropes of your new wordpress site!


Whilst we can provide rough guidelines on how long a wordpress website will take to design based on previous experience, the client will generally dictate the speed at which a wordpress website design takes, depending on how long they take to provide approvals for different stages of the wordpress design provess, and also how long the content for the wordpress website takes to collate and supply (which the client generally sources and writes, unless we are contracted otherwise).

The duration of any given wordpress design project will also dependent on the size of the project i.e. it’s level of customisation and complexity, and also our current production schedule. But be assured that if you have a deadline to make, we can make it happen!


Our range of wordpress design services cater for most budgets and circumstances however should you wish to discuss your requirements with us please do not hesitate to contact.


Blog is now very useful and important for both company and personal blogger. Blog is like your online diary to make the world aware of your views and updates. As mentioned earlier blogs are of two types one is personal blog and another is company’s blog. Both are important for different reasons. Search engines love fresh contents. From your blog you can easily update information about your business, company or anything too frequently. Anyone wants to share his/her knowledge OR skills then blog will be the great platform to make the people aware of it. Personal bloggers are used to write blog about their personal skills, knowledge, or anything. Two big players are offering free blog platform for every users. Google and WordPress providing free blog services means anyone can create blog using Google and wordpress free services. But it is advisable that if you want more benefits from your blog then you should go for separate url and paid versions of these free services.

WordPress blog is better for blogging and it is now proven truth everyone knows. There are many reasons why one should WordPress as its Blog platform? Some are as follows.

Both Free & Paid

WordPress provides blog services in both ways as free and paid also. The paid version is not that much costly and easily affordable by people. So it is advisable that you start it with wordpress free blog and then after sometime convert it in paid version. If it is your business or company’s blog then you should go for paid version because company’s blog have more requirements then a personal blogs. So company’s blog should be as paid wordpress version.

Uniqe URL Services:

WordPress offers unique url services also with very low rates. So if you find that your blog is good enough to play long role then book ulr for it through wordpress.

SEO of Blog:

WordPress is developed in such a kind that search engines love it. So there is only little efforts makes your blog getting higher rankings in search engines. WordPress has most easy editor so you can update your blog too frequently as you want. The only thing is to be consider that content of your blog should be unique, informative and fresh, then it will be get promoted by search engines very quickly.

Blog Customizations:

For wordpress blog one can easily customize your blog with different themes and wordpress plugins. There are so many wordpress plugins and wordpress themes are available so you can choose any relevant theme and start your blog with fewer efforts.

There are lots of wordpress plugins also available in market for many uses like security and other required things for blogs. Plugin installations are also easy and simple. With little knowledge of operating computers can customize its blog easily. Its user friendly and too simple to apply.

For your business blog you should go for paid wordpress themes and wordpress plugins also.

Accounts Management:

In wordpress more than one user can update change OR edit the blog as well. Only admin should give proper rights to different users that’s all. So any responsible person from your business can update information regarding your business from anywhere. WordPress is Internet based so from any computer with internet anywhere one can update their. 

For premium blog themes please visit us –



WordPress being popular blogging software from more than decade, it is also very much popular for websites other than blog site. As a content management system(CMS), anyone can built any types of website with wordpress. WordPress also introduce its Ecommerce platform as WooCommerce which is widely used to create Ecommerce sites with WordPress.

There are so many benefits to build website with WordPress. Below are some important advantages of using WordPress for website.


  • Simple Integration and Usability:


WordPress is too easy to use from its early versions. Anyone with little knowledge of Computer operating and websites can use wordpress as a website developing platform. Its integration is also simple to use.


  • System Portability:


We can use wordpress from any computer with Internet. There is nothing like data which is being kept on single computer. All your website data is on WordPress itself. So one can make changes in his site from any computer.


  • SEO Benefits:


Search engines love wordpress sites. If your website is developed with wordpress than it performs better in search engines. WordPress is made to create search engine friendly websites.

With too little efforts a wordpress site having good performance in search engines, it is the key of its success and popularity for developing websites than other CMS or platforms.


  • Multiple choices of Themes:


There are so many free themes available of Internet. You can use them for free OR if you want specially designed themes for your business, there are lots of wordpress themes selling websites are there on Internet with affordable prices. Just choose the theme which fits your business and create effective website for your business with wordpress.


  • Plugins for every purpose:


WordPress plugins are beauty of wordpress. You can use so many wordpress plugins for your website. There are wordpress plugins available for many uses like, SEO, Security, Images, Video, Social Media and many more. What to do is just download the required plugin and customize it with your needs and its done. Plugins give more user friendly experience to its websites. They are also easy to customize and integrate for your website.


  • User Accounts:


WordPress gives you flexibility of more than one user. So many user can have access to your website and change anything or update anything for your website. Many user advantages make it more attractive and flexible to build any website.


  • Ready to go Blog:


This is finest feature of WordPress as a CMS. It is with ready to go blog feature. Blog is very easy to use and maintain with wordpress. Blog as everyone know is very powerful tool to make aware the people that what is going on in your business. One cannot update website so frequently but blog you can update as many time as you want and inform your visitors about your business. So blog is very good feature with WordPress platform.

Above mentioned are some of the main advantages to develop website with WordPress. There are so many features and benefits are also there which is not mentioned here. In short WordPress as website platform is one of the better & popular CMS for website creation.

For Free & Premium WordPress Themes – Sign UP here with SoloStream

According to the recent studies, there is no better open source CMS compare to WordPress with other Joomla, Drupal, and e.t.c. More than 75 million sites are hosted with WordPress, 40 various translations, Easy availability of WordPress Developers and have more unique visitors than and last though WordPress has very fame in the industry, it has only 229 employees to work with.

If we start talking about WordPress, its one of the most simplest and efficient open source which can be setted up in less than 30 minutes if you are a known WordPress developer but if you are a amateur developer though it will not take more than few hours to find the instruction on how to setup your WordPress website.

Normally people have easy and fast website that can show their products or services in very efficient way, but here WordPress not only shows and proved to be the best for the products and services but also for the blogging and organizations. According to the studies more than 22% of USA domains are hosted with WordPress CMS. So its proving that WordPress is ideal for any websites that you can think of.

Vast resources of WordPress Plugins .

WordPress plugins are one of the tools that helps website to become and represent the more dynamic datas and filterations. There are more than 29,000 free and paid plugins are available to meet your dynamic requirements. There are almost every basic to normal  plugins that can really does your website to be more dynamic. As far the studies, Akismet is one of the most powerfull and strong plugin so far in all the WordPress plugins.

Efficient Administrator and Team.

As we know there are only 229 team members are there to make the WordPress to be one of the WordPress. Its quite interesting that all of them 229 team members are always are on the most productive and most technologically powerful.

The most Business websites are again developed with the WordPress Open Source CRM.

There are no business who doesn’t require website to run their profit motives, almost website is doing one way or the other that helps many businesses. Now from current statistics, in 1000,000, Business websites, WordPress is using 1/5th ratio that powered by WordPress itself. That means there are large number of Businesses are using WordPress to show their, brands, products and services. It is also meeting the most requirements for keep upto date with the news and information for the business the WordPress is the best choice itself and very easy to update which is another best factor that WordPress is known for.

Now if you say the Worlds top website is also powered by WordPress, according to the research top websites like, Walt Disney Company, Angry Birds, Gracenote, Toyota Motors Brasil and are hosted with the WordPress.

Considering above information and the best of our knowledge for the WordPress, we believe its very easy to customize and put any requirements and thoughts into the website is very easy, we normally use very less customization for plugins as we always get what we need in terms of plugins and resources that we need during developing WordPress websites. Its not only us but we also get most of the time requirements that from our clients that they need only WordPress as their Open Source Development.

Looking for the one stop solution for customization of your PSD design into WordPress theme? Being a well-known web design and development company, CSSChopper understands the need of adopting advanced technology and the latest methods in this online era.

WordPress has become the most preferred CMS for businesses of today, and CSSChopper is running compatible with the same by delivering fine quality PSD to WordPress theme conversion and customization. The team has incredible WordPress theme solutions to make a business stand for various platforms.

WordPress, being an open source platform built on PHP, makes it easy to manage a website’s content. Attractive designs with rich features can be easily achieved with much ease and affordability. These features that put into your website make it fully functional. A relative plug-in architecture or a simple template system can be chosen for your WordPress site as per your convenience, and you can make it attractive and user-friendly.

Also, if you have a start up business, maintenance cost is an crucial aspect to notice. PSD to WordPress conversion is a smart choice because WordPress is very easy to install, integrate and use. Yet another necessary feature of this conversion is Search Engine Optimization friendliness which adds more points in a website’s functionality. The SEO plugins offered by WordPress come into effect when you opt PSD to WordPress theme customization.

CSSChopper Team

The company has brilliant minds which are delivering the clients with top notch services from years. They are specialized in converting the PSD and similar format designs into WordPress themes with utmost functionalities being injected. Your business can beat the competition around with the customized results offered by CSSChopper.

Updated with all the latest technologies and skills, the CSSChopper team is capable of converting PSD to WordPress for your online store, social media websites and even very basic sites. You will get a feature-rich and easy to maintain website as the resultant product via our dedicated developers who have handled plenty of complex projects.

Why Choose Them

 Working with CSSChopper is a hassle free process, as their team makes the entire conversion process a cup of cake. You will get a fully customized solution keeping in hand for what you exactly came. You just have to come with the PSD file and they will do an effective PSD to WordPress theme conversion. They can also create a PSD file for you if you do not have one.


PSD and other formats are converted through HTML, HTML5 and CSS into the hand coded format. This code is W3C compliant to assure that your site is following all the web standards. Moreover, you will get a translucent working process while working with your website.

100% pure WordPress themes are guaranteed with CSSChopper along with faster PSD to WordPress turnaround time. Cross-browser compatibility with all major browsers is also an obvious as well as important feature. As each specification of the customers has been heard patiently, contentment in performance is a regular task for them.


 o through the featured portfolios of CSSChopper to know more about them and to find what makes them so cool in the web designing and development. Here are some of the projects for which CSSChopper has delivered its honest services and showered satisfied results to the worldwide customers.



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PSD to WordPress theme conversion is an amazing way for boosting a website’s appearance, which CSSChopper does beautifully. You will be rendered with an eye catchy website with unique look and feel. The CSSChopper web developers do outstanding work with colors, fonts, skins, themes and appearances for a drastic change in its overall layout and thus to guarantee amazing returns.

Your website can also be linked to your Facebook, MySpace, Digg and other social media profiles in order to drive traffic from varied sources. This is a motivating factor in terms of gaining a fair amount of traffic and thus to maximize business. In a nutshell, this is what a business owner, who is running his company’s website, looks for.

To get productive results for WordPress conversion, CSSChopper stood a winner for us. We genuinely appreciate the team and suggest their name if you also want a business-centric professional design in your website (rather PSD to WordPress Theme).