The Greatest WordPress Themes with Responsive Design

Posted on May 24 2014 by in Blog 

Have you been struggling trying to decide between different responsive WordPress themes? With thousands of WordPress themes available it can be difficult to make the final decision as to which theme you want to use. For the past couple of years, everyone has been told to look for themes that use responsive design. This ensures that your website will look great on all devices. Whether a visitor is viewing your website on a mobile device or on their home computer, they should not have any difficulties reading your content. With this in mind, the majority of new WordPress themes are being created using a responsive design. To help you select the WordPress theme that will best suit your needs, look over this list of the greatest WordPress themes with responsive design.

Twenty Fourteen

There is a good chance you have at least seen this theme in action at least once, as it is the current default theme for WordPress. Everyone that installs WordPress has Twenty Fourteen installed as their theme by default, until they install a new theme. There is a reason this theme is set as the default – it is actually a great WordPress theme and it uses responsive design. There are several theme options and Twenty Fourteen has been thoroughly tested to ensure there are no bugs.

Gather Responsive WordPress Theme

The first entry in this list of best WordPress themes with responsive design is the Gather Responsive WordPress Theme. This theme has kept everything simple and includes ecommerce functionality which is handled through the WooCommerce WordPress plugin. The makers have added several features to help this theme standout, including a touch swipe slider and a variety of customization options. Adjust the colors of your website, background images and colors, and logos. Gather Responsive WordPress Theme is a premium theme; though the price is comparable to other premium WordPress themes.



Customizr is a free WordPress theme that uses responsive design to create well laid out sites. This theme would work well for most small businesses. The basic features include a responsive slider and a variety of skins to choose to from. The main advantage of this theme is the customization. Whether you are familiar with CSS or not, you should have no problems editing the look of your WordPress website using Customizr. For those that do know how to style a website with CSS, there is a custom CSS panel and developer tools. For a free theme, this package packs a lot of customization options.


The free InterStellar theme is perfect for artists, bands, and anyone else in need of a simple portfolio layout. The focus of InterStellar is on providing a clean design. There are some basic customizations options, such as changing the color scheme or add a logo. With InterStellar, you can easily manage your portfolio and proudly display your work.

While this is just a small sampling of the many WordPress theme available that use responsive web design, these are some of the best available. Other than Gather Responsive WordPress Theme, all of the themes listed are free. For those with some spending money, a premium theme package from us will provide certain features that you cannot get with a free theme.  Get a package with us and see why we have the best themes.