Our world keeps changing every day, and with every daylight, comes new inventions. For that reason, it has become an upward task for many in the marketing sector to keep up with this trend. All over the world people are changing the way they do their businesses. Online marketing is having the biggest share in this field.


Websites are becoming the central tool for marketing with the help of the Web, which has compressed earth into a global village and allow instant communication from any part of the world. Astonishingly, even the sites themselves are ever-changing with new elements discovered daily. That means your website will require continuous redesigning to keep with the rest of the globe. As a result, you must engage in talks with a website designing company, which will deliver quality services as per your requirements and beyond.


Your company’s website design plays an important role in your marketing strategy. Below are 6 most essential elements of how website plays a role in your marketing efforts:


  1. Brand Consistency

Brand consistency is yet another vital element to consider while designing a site for your company. One of the easiest ways to help people identify your content is by using the same logos, colors, and fonts everywhere. Go for a single font and color scheme for your site, and use them for your logos also. You must also use the same profile photo and, if applicable, header picture for all your social media accounts. This will help prospective customers to recognize any of your products quickly because they will have developed a relationship with your brand.


  1. 2. Authoritative design

Your website has to command some form of authority to users to enable them to trust it. For example, imagine you visited an ecommerce website where you want to order some items such as a phone. Then once on the website, you come across blurry images that have no order whatsoever and a million adverts. Would you feel at ease keying in your payment details on such a website? I bet your response is a big NO! Thus you must engage a company which will deliver a high-quality web design that entices customers. You can also take care of your email design, since email marketing might be the most important marketing channel for customer retention. Also Logo design is also very important when it comes to build brand.



  1. User Experience

The main purpose of any website is to catch the user’s attention that happens to be your customer, client or affiliate. They must have the perfect user experience while on your website and provide them with a reason to return to your website. It is possible to achieve this by making sure navigation of your website is very simple. According to Stephen Thompson, SEO manager at Vancouver SEO, the load speed must be as fast. If the pages load slowly, you are certain to lose some important clients who will look for services in other places. You can also employ the use of graphics like videos and images but DON’T overdo it. Or else, you may find yourself making your website unusable.


  1. Raises Awareness

One of the leading goals for any marketing campaign is raising awareness. This awareness might be for your specific service or product. You should get prospects to trust you before they purchase a product or subscribe to a service. A poorly designed campaign that does not reflect what your brand represents might compromise this trust. On the other side, a website that is well-designed transmits professionalism and attention to detail. Consider what kind of image you would like to portray and carry through with it in each marketing campaign.


  1. Social Media Integration

Social media is emerging as the number one marketing tool in the online businesses nowadays. You can design your website in a manner that enables easy integration with widely used social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and so on. Customers often depend on the testimonials and comments provided by other customers on your social media pages.


  1. Sets a Company Apart From the Crowd

Having a well-designed marketing campaign can help you stay apart from your competitors. To achieve this, you must design websites that are engaging, unique, and specially designed to the audience you are targeting. There is no single web design strategy that will work for every company. For instance, your strategy with a campaign for a new children’s toy differs than the strategy for a designer handbag.



Your website design sends a message to anybody that clicks on your website. In case you have a poor design that is hard to navigate, it will deter users, and maybe send them to your competitors. A good web design will increase interest in your company and boost your online marketing strategy.


If you have a poor web design that appears amateurish; this is the way visitors will perceive your company. But if your design is easy to use and professional looking, it will leave a positive impression. The website design you select does play a significant role in your online marketing strategy that is why most companies choose a professional web designer to deal with the details.


What are the best web designer resources 2016? Whether you’re a newbie or a veteran designer whose creative juices are overflowing, you still need resources to help finish your project in a satisfying manner.

There are many web design resources online, but not all of them may be reliable in accomplishing a task, not mentioning it is also hard to choose from a myriad of available tools there are, so we’ve researched and came up with a list of the top website designer resources below. Come and check it out.


Innovative web design nowadays means high-quality images, tall pages, fewer links and more buttons with large clickable area. This all happened thanks to one thing that has changed recently. 

This is all about scrolling. Scrolling has become an easy process comparing to old-fashioned scrollbars on the side of a screen. Today it is easier to scroll than it is to click. More and more people browse websites on their mobile devices. On mobile devices it is harder to click on a target area, but scrolling is an absolutely natural process. 

Innovative web design

Old websites targeted at short pages with maximum information and links squeezed in one screen. The new, innovative web design is aimed at scrolling at the first place. What considered to be ineffective and inconvenient a couple of years ago is now fully acceptable and welcome. 

The new scrolling culture made one-page websites so popular. There is no need to create a complicated site maps and huge menu bars. A one-page website carries customers through a well-designed system of arguments, pros and cons to a single action that a website visitor is expected to take at the end of the journey. When customers are saved from endless website surfing in search of information, they stay more focused and they are more likely to take a required action. 

Another hallmark of innovative web design is large high-quality images. When scrolling is so easy, designers are free to fill websites with large beautiful images. Important information will not be missed in the middle of the page, or even on the bottom. Great images inspire users to scroll for more information. Images make brands more emotional and open for customers.

Modern technology dramatically changes approach to innovative web design. Design patterns that were unacceptable a few years ago today prove to be highly effective. All the rules may be turned inside out only because of one thing that has changed in the way in which users interact with websites.