Starting a Blog? Why you need to Invest in Responsive Web Design

Posted on Oct 03 2017 by in Blogs and Blogging Web design 

In the information era we are living in, blogging is one of the most effective ways of communication. Through blogs, household brands and personalities have been able to reach out to millions of people in a seamless way. Most of the successful brands that have reaped loads of benefits from blogging will however admit one thing; it is all about content delivery and user experience. While many people spend sleepless nights trying to put the best content on the table for their eagerly waiting readers, only a few people go the extra mile of ensuring a seamless user experience. That is where responsive blog design comes in.
Responsive web design is all about making your blog easily accessible using different platforms like smartphones, tablets, and iPads. In today’s world, mobile web enjoys the lion’s share of internet traffic. Investing in responsive web design is all about ensuring that your blog is mobile-friendly. Doing so comes with loads of benefits.
• Quality User Experience
At the core of responsive blog design is user experience. Any person reading from a responsive blog will not have issues pinching, shrinking, and zooming their screen. The site will automatically adjust to the size of the screen to fit the content therein. For any blogger who takes the issue of site responsiveness seriously, there are up to 61% chances of beating your competitors with less responsive blogs.
• Higher Google Rankings
The ultimate aim of blogging is to have as many people as possible go through your articles. SEO helps you achieve exactly that. By being on top of search engine result pages for keywords contained in your articles, there are higher chances of enthusiastic readers meeting your well-crafted masterpieces. Recently, Google has come out to hint that responsive design has an impact on the overall rankings. Google wants the best experience and the most relevant content for their clients. By embracing responsive blog design and ensuring quality content, you achieve exactly that if not more.
• Increase in Conversation Rates
For those using blogs as marketing platforms, responsive design helps increase conversion rates. A highly responsive blog minimizes barriers in functionality, performance, and general user experience. What remains is a sleek and modern website which users find easy to use. If you are promoting any content on your blog, users will find it easy to do online shopping and associate with your brand. What you will have at the end of the day is increased profits.
• Get the most out of your blog
A perfect blog should make it easy for you to achieve your marketing goals. For those who are new to blogging or planning to starting a blog, it isn’t all about responsive design. You need to take into consideration other factors. Here is a simple guide on how to create a blog.
•Look for a reputable blogging platform such as WordPress
•Choose a web hosting company like BlueHost
•Create a blogging account using your credentials and choose responsive themes and plugins
•Post your first article online and let the readers enjoy your content!
By following this guide, you will have a seamless and productive blogging experience.