Simple Tips to Make your WordPress Blog Popular and Attract Visitors

Posted on Mar 06 2017 by in Blog 

WordPress is an awesome blogging platform, and a huge number of individuals begin their WordPress blog journey every day – whether it’s self-hosted on a web server or as a free blog. Blogging seems to be the trend that isn’t going away for at least the next decade.

Like an individual, blogs too have their own identity, which is visible as the content on your blog. It is very easy to find if a particular blog that you are reading is being run by a new blogger or an experienced one. You may be putting up the right content but bam! No success yet.

There are many things which we can do to make our blog appealing and in this post, we will discuss the best of the many tips that you can utilize for your blog’s success. To do blogging the right way, read on.

Craft attractive and appealing Content

Composing new and appealing content should be your priority as a blogger. This is your only sure shot attempt to pull the positively good activity towards your WordPress blog. If your content is not good, its purpose is half way defeated. Apart from good content, it is imperative for your blog to stay fresh and the old content be updated at regular intervals of time.

Apart from this, also make sure that your content has visual appeal. A great infographic, a presentation slide or just a simple video will work the deal for you.

Get your Blog noticed

In today’s competitive world, creating a trendy WordPress blog won’t be enough. You will need to do thorough research about your targeted blog audience. You must know what array of online audience will be interested in the type of content your blog sports. The demographics, the section of the online audience, and the purpose of their visit has to be monitored in prior.

The most fundamental and essential element to get your site noticed is to actually work on the distribution of its posts. There are countless online platforms available for sharing the published blogposts so that your blog gets all the fresh exposure.

Tune in with other bloggers

There are very strong probabilities that you aren’t the only one blogging about your topic on the Internet. So, find some bloggers and begin taking part and commenting on their web blogs. Most bloggers allow unanimous comments on their blog and if that isn’t the case, follow the blog by registering to their email newsletter. Also having best email marketing service providers for your blog can help here too to get you lot of leads. collecting leads from your blogs is always good.

You’ll get a few guests from their blog, as well as build an affinity with the creator to consider a link building relationship.

Another essential component to get your WordPress blog noticed is to get in touch with like-minded and relevant members of the blogging community. This community can comprise of the bloggers that write about the same niche as yours. They can provide you valuable inputs about how to improvise upon the blogging work.

Make share that you engage in their blogging platform as well. It will spread a decent informal exchange and bring more readers to your WordPress site when their readers learn about your blog through comments.

Seek Feedback

A decent blogger is the one who uses the feedback from its readers to make their WordPress blog engaging. It is important with a view to retaining loyal followers and readers.

Moreover, if you use the feedback of your clients and followers, you will get to understand what areas require more effort. This will help you to get experiences about your readers on how they think, feel about your blog. It will also help you learn more about new blog audience and to roll out improvements in an expected manner.

Take part in the Online Community

Participating in the online community helps you bring traffic to your blog or site. All you need to do is take part in discussions and online forums to promote your blog and to draw in clients and followers. Taking part in online discussions will help you make your site inventive and imaginative. Reddit is a great online community that can come to your use for such interactions.

Guest Posting

In today’s time, guest posting on other famous blogs is an effective and efficient promotional form for bloggers from around the globe. Popular websites keep looking for guest bloggers with an expectation of unearthing great content for their site along with gaining linkbacks.

All you will need to do is get in touch with sites that are seeking guest posts. Once they are up and ready, you can send them the content. This will bring a new-found recognition and new followers for your blog as well. Submitting your blog details and links to various websites is a good move to make as well.

Utilizing Email Signatures

To bring traffic to your WordPress blog, use your email signature with links to your blog. If you are using WordPress as a blogging platform, you are well aware that you can post awesome author bios at the end of the post. If not, consider getting a plugin to help your readers and guests to get in touch with you to give you feedback and remarks.

Using these email signatures gives the followers an approach to remain connected with the blog owner. It makes them feel that you esteem their proposals and their needs are more vital to you. By doing this you will draw the individuals from various areas which can make your blog well known.

Inspire your readers to comment

If a reader comments on your post, they clearly have something to state. This might just be a sudden flair but that is what needs to be tapped. Whenever you reply to a new comment on your blog, you leave an impression that the comment matters to you. By answering to your readers, you encourage a relationship that can be fruitful for the popularity of your blog.

Once the readers know your state of mind as a blog owner, they will begin sharing the post on their own social media accounts and feeds.

Social Sharing of the blogposts

Social sharing plugins on the Internet can do miracles to multiply your blog’s popularity. Basic social networking platform like Facebook, Twitter, Google+ communities, and Instagram are the easiest way to share your blog. You can also go the extra edge by using other great blog sharing platforms like StumbleUpon, Triberr,Blog engage etc.


One of the reasons as to why a successful blog is such a huge challenge is the fact that the Internet is over-crowded with millions of blogs on different blogging platforms. Many bloggers give up to this challenge after a couple of months because their blog isn’t that popular the way they expected it to be.

Being a blogger or site owner, it becomes imperative to make your blog prevalent and easy to use. If you need to drive heavy traffic to your blog, then you ought to take a look at these strategies specified above in this blog. You will get links eventually, and as your blog get older, it will gain more and more trust. After all, running a purposeful, popular and money-minting blog isn’t as easy a pie.