Simple Methods for Website Development

Posted on Feb 21 2015 by in Tutorials WordPress 

Websites are a useful tool to have at your disposal, but building them is a process. It can seem complicated if you are not experienced with website development. However, there are resources you can use that are designed for laymen. With a few sessions of practice, these services can have you building your website and posting content in no time.

Most people who want to build a website are looking for a fast and easy method that will produce quality results. Content Management Systems (CMS) can help you get organized and structure your ideas in a way that is easily navigable by visitors. Services such as WordPress, Joomla and Modx are all trusted brands of CMS. If you want to venture into the world of website building, you can explore any of these options to get a feel of what is involved.

All of these services share a few features that make them highly usable, no matter what your level of experience or knowledge might be. Becoming familiar with these features ahead of time may help you determine which service you like best.

Here are some simple methods for website development :

Options for Page Design

  • Appearance and Layout

Before you start posting, you will need to choose a look for your pages. This can be a simple process of selecting a theme or a pre-designed page layout. These work in a way that is very similar to choosing a template in a word processor. There will be different layouts to choose from and you can make a certain level of changes if necessary. This may be something you want to check before choosing a CMS to make sure it offers layout options you will be satisfied with.

  • Process of Adding New Posts

If you are building a website, you will want to have a process for adding new posts that is easy to understand and not overly complicated. Read the CMS posting processes to see which one you prefer. If it is too time-consuming it may lessen your posting frequency and decrease the overall quality of your website.

Organization of Past Posts

  • Archives

Archives are an important part of content-based websites. If viewers see a post they like, they may want to visit again and read or share it. Within the design of your website, makes sure there is a simple and trustworthy system in place for archiving past posts.

  • Dating System

Dating systems show when a post was made. They can simply state the date or include the time as well. You can adjust the dating system with plugins, such as ones that state relative time (i.e. “2 days ago).

  • Visual Cues

The way you organize your archives will affect the overall look of your site. If you want to keep it neat and minimal, you can have a simple sidebar with a list. But your various CMS will offer other options as well. For example, you can display past posts in a grid pair them with a thumbnail picture for a more attention-getting look.