Should You Sell Your Affiliate Website?

Posted on Nov 22 2021 by in Affiliate Marketing Blog Blog Post Blogs 

There are times when it’s better to call it quits when you’re running an affiliate website. Maybe you’ve grown out of the affiliate model and want to focus on selling your own products, or maybe you want to get into a completely different line of business. If that’s the situation you’re in right now, you may have thought about selling your website, and in some cases, this could make financial sense. But affiliate sites are not always sellable or the effort to sell them just isn’t worth the return. Let’s take a look at whether selling your affiliate website would be a good decision for you.

How Much is Your Site Worth?

You first have to know if your site is actually worth something. Many things will affect how much you can sell your site for, but the sales you’re making will be the most important factor. The type of product you’re selling will make a difference as well. Things like the amount of content on the website, whether it’s unique or not, and the number of visitors you get per month will affect your site’s valuation. Other things that will affect the price of your website include its age and the age of the domain, social media presence, branding ability, and reputation, among others.

If you’re lacking in any of these areas, it would be a good idea to improve your site so you can get more value from it. You should also know that seasonality matters, so monitor when you’re getting the most sales and consider selling your site around that period.

What is the Process of Selling a Website Like?

Before you think of selling your website, you have to be ready for the work that comes with it. You will need to start gathering information such as revenue and monthly expenses for the last year at least, your hosting situation, sources of income, and social numbers. You will also need to have a detailed analytics report. So, if you don’t have Google analytics installed and aren’t using any analytics software, you need to do so right away.

You also have to pay attention to your intellectual property. Check if you have any copyrights or trademarks and if you’re ready to hand them over to the new owner. You might also have to offer assistance to the new owner for a certain period, so be prepared for that.

Should You Sell the Site Yourself or Through a Broker?

This is a tough question and you will need to look at many things before you make your decision. First of all, you should know that brokers usually prefer to work with well-established businesses with solid revenue. If your site is pretty new and doesn’t have many sales, going with a broker might not be the best idea. If it does, however, there are plenty of reasons why you should go with a broker.

A broker will make the whole process much easier for you. They know how to sell websites and make your site look as attractive as possible. They may also give you tips on how you could make it more valuable.

Another benefit of working with a broker is that they may already know people who love affiliate sites and might be able to expedite the sale. You also won’t have to worry about transferring the site or dealing with fraudulent buyers as they’ll be vetted by the broker first.

It’s up to you to decide what’s better for you. If you feel like you have the skills to make your site’s listing enticing, you can always consider selling it through a site like Flippa. But you should know that the process is much more strenuous and you might be disappointed by how long it takes and the offers you get.

If you were still wondering whether selling or closing your site would be a better idea, we hope we were able to help in your decision. Look at both options in-depth and see which one would be best for you now and for the future.