A Review Of The WordPress Simple Template

Posted on Dec 15 2014 by in Blogs and Blogging simple wordpress themes Wordpress simple template 

Take a look at this picture:Wordpress Simple Template

What does it convey to you? Does it suggest a complex interface, or one that resembles a WordPress simple template? The WordPress simple template is something that can give you a less busy look and feel, one that has only a few elements involved in the messaging. These wordpress simple template themes and designs often do not have many of the following items that people choose as add-ons, or other social media and networking programs and applications available through WordPress. Some of these popular programs that the WordPress simple template does not use are:

  • Facebook Plugin
  • Twitter Plugin
  • Enhanced Video Area
  • Three Category Function Areas
  • Community Members Area
  • Latest Posts
  • Category Cloud
  • Fewer Slider Options
  • Less Responsive
  • More Text Based
  • Uses Simple Lists
  • Reduces the use of multimedia and considers lower bandwidths

(These are some of the things that the WordPress simple template does not use)

So really, the WordPress simple template is just a bunch of text at its most basic form, strung together by letters to form words without much of an overlay or many additions. As sites begin to get more sophisticated and develop greater uniqueness, the wold of design elements, that make WordPress famous, are slowly revealed. It would be extremely difficult to use all the features available in WordPress, as there are hundreds of thousands of combinations that could be used to create a diverse and unique site.

Where does it all start?

The whole idea came from something very similar to the WordPress simple template, and has progressed and grown more complex over time. Think of it as something similar to the fashion industry where people who originally wore animal skins are garments now have the option to choose from a variety of other garments and materials, across a dizzying array of styles and colors, much like the digital skins of today allow the content on the web to be much more than just another WordPress simple template.

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