Responsive eCommerce WordPress Themes

Posted on Jan 06 2015 by in best Responsive Wordpress Themes 

Over the past several years several ecommerce plugins have been developed for WordPress making it a reliable, full-featured, powerful ecommerce solution. With the development of these ecommerce plugins there has also been a great deal of time by many providers to create premium responsive ecommerce WordPress themes.

Before talking about specific responsive eCommerce themes we will look at the different ecommerce pluginsavailable for WordPress.

What Choices Do I have for eCommerce plugins?

By and large, most WordPress eCommerce themes use the WooCommerce free plugin to provide ecommerce functionality but there are others available including Jigoshop and WP eCommerce.

Responsive Design

Shopping has moved from brick and mortar stores to the internet and now to mobile devices. This means your site needs to be optimized for mobile devices and that translates into a WordPress theme that offers a responsive design that adapts, looks good and functions properly on any type of device. No one wants to lose a customer because the site functions poorly. This should be a high priority when choosing an eCommerce WordPress theme. When customers visit your site eCommerce WordPress themes with responsive design deliver the best possible shopping experience regardless of screen size, the resolution or the type of device they are using to view your site.

Choosing an eCommerce WordPress Theme

When you start to search for an eCommerce theme the first filter should be responsive design to narrow down the list of possibilities. Next, focus on your niche. There is no shortage of eCommerce WordPress themes. Some are targeted for traditional online shopping and other eCommerce themes are designed for a specific niche like music, art or travel.

Identify the types of transactions and functionality your site will need. For example, you may need a calendar function or audio and video functionality if you are in the music niche in addition to your eCommerce online shop. Are you selling one item or multiple items? What type of pricing structure will you need? These are all important questions to think about when selecting an eCommerce theme. Not all themes offer the same functionality so know what you need before you fall in love with a theme that may not work for your situation. When you have a list of the functionality your site requires then you can begin researching the themes that best support your needs.

Support and Updates

When implementing a site that has a store, it is really critical that you choose a theme that offers ongoing, full support and regular updates. You want a provider that keeps their themes up to date and compatible with the latest versions of WordPress and the latest releases of various web browsers so your theme does not become obsolete. Always look for themes that have guaranteed lifelong support and free updates as well as newer versions. Check to make certain the theme also comes with explicit documentation that you can easily understand so you can manage your theme properly. If you are not a developer or have little experience coding make sure the theme is highly customizable from the admin panel.

If you follow these suggestions you will find many high quality eCommerce themes with responsive design that will make your site not only visually stunning but easy and pleasant to use for your customers.