Protect your WordPress Blog Website

Posted on Jul 11 2016 by in Blog 

Most of us know WordPress is the leading open source platform that is used by more than 74 million website and more than 48% of blogs all over the World, and that is why its favorite gateway for hackers to host malicious content that can use extreme resources of your server and you find difficulty to maintain and keep up running your other websites.

How to secure WordPress Website ?

Using WordPress is easy but to maintain it needs more focus and professional eyes on what is going on with your WordPress website. There are many ways that you can take care of your WordPress site which we have described below .

  1. Upgrade your WordPress and Plugins
    You have to make sure that you have the most latest version of WordPress and plugins which reduces risk of compromising your website
  2. Use Licensed and tested WordPress themes and plugins
    Try to use official and licensed theme that also helps you to report and file any issues that came when you have compatibility issues with your WordPress and plugin versions.
  3. Secure server and configuration files
    Protect your “.htaccess” & “WP-Config.php” file with proper write permission according to your requirements.
  4. Optimize data files, Themes and Plugins
    We often can see there are most of the times we have unwanted files that lies withing our WordPress directories, it can include unwanted themes, plugins which are not active or not in use.
  5. Secure your ID and Password
    It is standard practice to protect and secure your login credentials as well as your other server login credentials
  6. Choose right Hosting Server for your WordPress
    Most of the time we don’t know what is the reputation and standard practice to manage servers, and people get tempted to host their WordPress to host on cheaper hosting, and that can be the one of the standard practice that hackers find another websites to hack your WordPress.