Premium WordPress Themes for Travel Agencies

Posted on Jan 27 2015 by in beautiful Wordpress theme Great Wordpress Themes 

Travel sites have unique needs like scheduling calendars, maps, pricing options, video capability and filtering systems. Not all website templates have the functionality to pull off a high class, easy to use travel website. Fortunately, WordPress is the perfect solution to create a truly magnificent travel website. With free and premium WordPress themes for travel agencies designed specially for the travel industry WordPress themes offer the flexibility, functionality and reliability demanded by travel professionals.

Knowing Your Needs

Every travel site has unique requirements. Finding the perfect premium WordPress themes for travel agencies depends on understanding what functionality you require. For instance, maybe you blog about travel but do not book travel. The requirements for a blogging travel site will be less demanding than those for a travel site that needs a fully functional booking system. Both types of sites may want video capability but not all requirements will be the same. There may be many themes that work for your type of site, so choosing a theme will come down to the functionality and the detailing of the site you want to create.

It helps to look at your site through the eyes of your customers. As a customer what do you want to be able to see and do when you get to the website?

Make a list of all the things your site needs to be able to deliver to the visitor or customer and then begin researching premium WordPress travel themes to see which themes are most visually appealing to you and have the capabilities you need for your site.

Support and Updates

One of the most important considerations when picking a theme comes down to the support and availability of regular updates and versions. Pick a theme developer or provider that has a solid history of providing outstanding technical support and guarantees lifelong updates and new versions that will be compatible with new versions of WordPress and new browser requirements. You do not want to be stuck with a theme that becomes incompatible. Also check to make certain the theme comes with explicit documentation so you can see if it will be easy to customize and maintain without the need to use coding or with a minimal knowledge of simple coding.

Features and Functionality

Some of the features and functionality most travel specific themes offer include:

  • Responsive themes that adjust and look good in any device
  • Cross platform compatibility with all browsers
  • Video capability
  • Filtering systems
  • Booking systems
  • Easy customization
  • Multiple header styles and sliders
  • Pricing module
  • Categorization
  • Maps
  • Contact forms
  • Color options
  • Custom post types
  • Option to upload your own background and logo
  • Social sharing and network integration
  • Calendar
  • Testimonials module
  • Search tools

Additional Considerations

If you are doing a lot of blogging or including a lot of photos, video or audio testimonials you will want to make sure the theme you choose has video and audio capability as well as the option to include one or more photo galleries. You may also want the ability for customers and visitors to be able to comment on your posts or rate accommodations. Make sure all of these things get captured in your list of requirements.