Plugins To Back Up Your WordPress Site

Posted on Sep 12 2014 by in Blog Old-Plugins 

In almost every industry, any time a computer is used for any purpose it is recommended that the company creates a regular backup of their files and software. This is even true for home computer users or people that manage a website. So, it should go without saying that creating a backup is something that WordPress users need to consider as well.

During the installation of an update, a new theme or plugin, or while editing core files, your WordPress site has the potential to crash. Another issue can arise if your hosting company has a problem with their servers and losses your WordPress database information. There are a number of ways that you can lose all of your hard work and have to start over from scratch. To prevent losing any part of your WordPress site, choose a quality backup plugin for WordPress and perform scheduled backups.


Free WordPress Backup Plugins

There are not a lot of quality free WordPress plugins for creating a backup of your website. With that being said, WordPress Backup to Dropbox is one of the best free options. This plugin works by connecting to your Dropbox account. After providing the plugin access to your Dropbox account, you can set how often you wish to perform a backup and whether you want to exclude any files or directories. This is a simple free plugin that can be used to create an entire backup of your WordPress site without a lot of confusing options – making it perfect for most bloggers and everyday users.

In addition to WordPress Backup to Dropbox there are a few other notable free plugins to consider. BackWPUp works similar to the previously mentioned plugin while allowing users to choose other third-party online storage sites besides Dropbox. If you would rather not rely on third-party cloud storage then take a look at BackUpWordPress, which uploads the backup to your WordPress server.

Premium WordPress Backup Plugins

For large businesses, groups working with WordPress Multisite, and other high-traffic WordPress site, you may be safer choosing a premium WordPress backup plugin. Even though these plugins require a fee, they offer a more reliable backup plan for larger sites.

VaultPress is a premium backup plugin that requires a monthly fee. It provides automated backups, a simple user interface, and scheduled backups. With VaultPress, you can even perform several backups throughout the day, which is important for sites that are constantly being updated. The other advantages of VaultPress include security scans and complete customer support.

BackupBuddy is another premium WordPress plugin that makes scheduling backups quick and easy. The different plans available are comparable in price to VaultPress; though, BackupBuddy has the added benefit of allowing users to select a third-party storage service, including Dropbox and Amazon or through an FTP server. Like VaultPress, BackupBuddy provides security scans for added protection.

There are free and premium options when it comes to backing up your WordPress site. When choosing which is right for you, consider how often you post new content and how large your site is. For smaller personal sites or blogs, the free plugins should suffice. When dealing with a much larger site or a WordPress site that gets updated several times a day, choose one of the premium WordPress plugins. Backing up your site is easy, once you choose the right plugin for your needs.