Why Managed WordPress Hosting with solostream?

Posted on May 01 2017 by in Ask Question! 

There are multiple reasons that you can go with solostream hosting packages, out of them few are very ideal that anyone who belongs to solostream should go with them only.

  1. Providing the Managed Hosting: Many of the customers are asking for not uploading more than 2mb files to their WordPress site, not even that, they were not even able to import/export the .xml file from their WordPress tool section and the reason was their aged hosting. Most of the old hosting comes with a file upload limitation, so when you upload any file more than 2mb regardless what file is about, whether it is standard .xml file which imports and exports data or some of the banner media or images that are a little bit more than 2mb in size. Solostream offers a setting that makes user available to manage the file upload size by their dedicated control panel.
  2. Standard daily backup system: We can provide 24 hours backup system so anytime if anything goes wrong our experience technician can roll-back the last previous backup and make your site available asap.
  3. Managed Hosting: We really mean the managed Hosting, when you need a real technician who really helps you when any of the configuration file such as, .htaccess, php.ini or simply wp-config.php can malfunction our technician will be taking care of over the support.
  4. Compatibility: As our every theme and hosting is compatible, we make sure nothing outdated incompatible with our themes with hosting or hosting with our themes.