MAC or PC? Has the debate cooled?

Posted on Nov 10 2014 by in Blog 

Remember when there was a raging debate over which operating system was better? Many fans of yore claimed the Windows platforms were much more stable and had better organization, while MAC users claimed that any writer, publisher, or graphic editor could not “function properly” without a MAC.


Are today’s users as picky about Mac or PC? It is tough to say, and given the changes to the industry with both Microsoft and Apple making some room for the Google Android O/S, the age-old binary debate seemed to have fizzled out, and everyone seems alot happier as a result. Frankly, the industry need a little competition, and today’s results has more emerging options, as well as an up and coming demographic of users who don’t really care about their Operating System. If they can find out the information they need, then they can get by with using Apps.


That was a big game changer for traditional computer users who relied on the Operating System to have a core set of compatible programs that could be used on it. This was one of the biggest reasons that Apple and Microsoft were able to capitalize on the market. As Microsoft was one of the early pioneers in “software” they were able to govern the development of the internet. Nowadays, almost anyone can get online and have plenty of options to navigate, as well as create, with an ever-increasing number of Apps to choose from.

MAC or PC?


The cell phone and device platforms are now all stepping stones to get on the internet, and the programs that people got from expensive Operating Systems could now be had for free or cheaper as Apps. Thus, the fall of Operating Systems and the Mac or PC debate was vanquished, and the quest for the next big debate started.