Important WordPress Development Tools Worth Knowing About

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WordPress is almost synonymous with blogging these days. However, the scope of WordPress has widened considerably since its inception. It offers an easily usable framework for the developers. That is why it is the CMS the world is talking about positively according to Brainvire. Interestingly, this development framework has offered a job to several coders and designers too. The development experts stay busy developing tools like plugins, templates, or themes to ensure the food on their tables. All this buzz in the WordPress development space has given way to several tools that have enabled this framework’s maximized use.

Know About the Top WordPress Development Tools

Let’s take a look at these tools.


This tool is available in the form of a developer plugin. Developed by a collaboration of WordPress development experts Automattic and others, this plugin offers ease of website optimization at the construction stage. This tool allows to select the following options:

  • Theme for self-hosted WordPress site installation
  • Plugins for a self-hosted WordPress site installation
  • Theme for VIP website

When you have selected any of these options, this plugin offers a list of tools and other plugins that you can select to make your website dream come true.

Monster Widget

Do you feel boggled by the widget testing that involves checking for their correctness? Moving to and from pages can be quite frustrating sometimes. To offer an easy solution for this, Monster Widget comes forward and makes the checking quick. It can test all the core widgets in the sidebars in an instant. Some users find it as handy as the WooCommerce tool that does the same job for an eCommerce website.


DesktopServer is quite a simple WordPress development tool. As soon as installed, this tool brings to the developers all the tools they will require for putting up the WordPress website. With the help of customizing the tools’ set, the users can select the tools they will prefer to bring on board. This tool offers a wizard to deliver an easy set-up process. Then, you are allowed to map the domains to your website. This can make indexing by the search engines relatively easy. Further, it offers the ease of managing three websites simultaneously with the added comfort of removing or adding the websites. To add to all this, it supports the use of Apache, PHP 5.5, and MySQL.


XAMPP can be expanded to Apache, MariaDB, PHP, and Perl. Thus, by using this simple tool, you actually bring the goodness of all the necessary tools on board, in one go. This tool offers the convenience of using PHP of your choice. The tool may feel somewhat tricky to use for the beginners, but the advanced or experienced developers find it easy to use. With exceptional ease of customization, the tool feels fit for the inclusion of various features in the WordPress website. Some of the exciting things you can do with this tool are:

  • Map the service to different ports
  • Manually set the WordPress site, if required
  • Single dashboard tool for all services
  • Ease of stopping and starting Apache servers 


Vagrant is a powerful WordPress development tool, as it offers many user-friendly features, such as:

  • Ease of sharing the environment with all involved entities
  • Offer multiple virtual machines set up where each server is run using a different tool without them interfering with one another
  • Allows specification-focused configuration 
  • Allows keeping test environments separated
  • Allows easy managing of all VMs through file storage systems

Local by Flywheel

Local by Flywheel offers a click-and-go kind of ease for website development. In just one click, the users can enable setting up local WordPress websites. As a developer, you would want to check the statuses of all the websites from the list. This is possible to do with this tool. It helps create live links and shares to all existing projects. This tool offers ease of operation to professionally run WordPress websites, which means it fits large scale projects.


It is MyApache version of XAMPP, we can say, as MyApache replaces Apache in this WordPress development tool. This is a development stack that offers the advantages of multiple tools in a single pack. The process is simple. The stack is set up; then, database creation is done; it is followed by the website’s manual set up as required. This tool allows manual setting up of the website, but if you want some automated solution to serve the purpose, it may be disappointing. The tool supports the use of multiple languages like Perl and Python. 


So, when you want to make your WordPress Website dream a reality, take these tools’ help. You can test the free versions first, if available, before moving to the upgraded or premium subscription plans. These tools offer exceptional ease of development to both the starters and professionals.