How to Write a Clickable Call to Action – 7 Tips That Work

Posted on Dec 10 2015 by in Blogs and Blogging 

You want your readers to take action. The desired action could be sharing your content your content on social media, posting a comment, buying a product, joining your email list and the list goes on. A call to action will help you achieve this goal.

Well, for the most part, people are too lazy and need a little motivation to do anything online. So you need to convince them that the action you’re asking them to take is worth their time.

Is the free ebook going to be useful? Is your content epic enough for someone to want to let their friends take a look? Is your online course going to add any value to them at all?

While you may not be able to answer each of these questions in detail to convince readers to respond to your call to action, you can write the call to action in a hard-to-ignore way. So, how do you achieve that?

  1. Use strong verbs

When writing your call to action, note that you don’t have all the time or room to convince readers on what to do. Most readers scan through online content in a hurry and you need to write short but simple terms that will grab their attention and make them act. So go ahead ahead and use words like buy, share, download, register, join, sign up, get your ebook and so on.

  1. Provoke their emotions

To trigger your readers to click on a button, you should use words that provoke their emotions. These are words that make someone so enthusiastic once they read them. For example, let’s say you are offering some tutorials on traffic generation and you are using this as free report in exchange for readers’ emails.

You can create two call to action buttons to read something like:

  • I want tons of web traffic
  • I already have enough traffic

These are examples of words that can provoke someone’s emotion and cause them to take action. You just need to be creative when writing them or you can get a creative writer to do it for you.

3. Know the users’ device

People use different devices to access your marketing campaign. It is important that you know what they use. You can get this information from your web analytics stats.

Those using mobile devices need instant gratification. This means you should use action verbs most of the time for mobile users.

However, for guys using their laptops or Macs to access your stuff, the approach maybe different. Typically, these users may still be researching more information.

Therefore, you may want to write a call to action that will encourage them to research more. How do you do this? Ask them call or email you back for more information.

Therefore, statements such as: “call us now” or “for more details, fill the contact form” may make sense in this context.

  1. Include numbers in your call to action

Study shows that readers respond so well when they see numbers. This simply means that you wouldn’t want to sound vague in your call to action.

Instead, let your call to action tell your readers the exact pricing, discount, course lessons and the incentives that they stand to get if they click on a link, for example.


  • Get a life time access for only $49
  • 20% off today only
  • Join other 5000 subscribers to get our value-packed monthly newsletters
  • Buy now and save $99
  1. Say it with great colors

While using the right words is powerful, colors are incredibly powerful too. So when writing a call to action, pay attention to colors used.

Although green and orange often work like charm on call to action buttons, you should also keep the overall website design in mind. So, play around with different colors till you ensure everything looks lip-smackingly impressive. Different WordPress themes have a ton of gorgeous colors you can use.

The best way to ensure everything stands out is by using contrasting colors. For example, you can use an image in which blue contrasts strongly with the red color in the lower section. This makes the call to action button to stand out strongly from the entire page.

  1. Magnify the call to action

The purpose of writing a call to action is to let people read it. You don’t have to make it exxergeratingly huge. Just ensure it is not too tiny but big enough to be visible and grab someone’s attention.

  1. Don’t go on forever

Have you been to those web pages where someone keeps you reading and you keep scrolling to the end to quickly see the cost of their service or product?

Of course, I understand the need for show casing some social proof and showing your visitors how glamorous your product is. But guess what? Users are not interested in that. They want to know how your offer will be benefit them and you need to say that in a few powerful words to let them act.

So, if you make them read on and on, you’re not only going to bore but lose them. You don’t want your bounce rate to go to the moon. Keep your call to action in just two to five words. Make it catchy enough so they click fast.

Follow all of these tips as you monitor how users behave. Don’t be afraid to change something in case you find it not working.