How to Make Your WordPress Website More Trustworthy for Visitors

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A website is a platform that connects a business to its clients. If the website sells services or products it is a great place to increase sales and ensure a regular flow of income.

It is therefore important for clients to have a sense of trust towards the website for them to make any transactions via the website. Your work is therefore already cut out for you since you need to make your WordPress website more trustworthy. 

Clients need to feel at ease doing any kind of business with you, whether online or in person. For online business, it begins with the user experience on the website. First impressions make all the difference.

Ways to Make Your WordPress Website More Trustworthy

  1. Create specific pages for different prospective clients

You know what services your company offers and to whom. Create different pages that will address the product from the perspective of that client group, say single women and another page for single women with children. This allows you to use language that will appeal to each group instead of general language that may have you lose some clients.

  1. A responsive website

Technology has advanced in every form and users are accessing websites from every device possible. Your website should therefore be well accessible on a mobile phone and as well as a tablet. Having a mobile app does not exempt you from creating a proper user experience for all users, mindless of the device they are using to access your website.

  1. Nice website design

Another way to make your WordPress website more trustworthy is to get a great theme to go with it. Users will first see the design and decide whether to go through the website any further so it has to be good.

  1. Great content

Grammatical and spelling errors can easily turn off customers. You are not keen enough on such small errors, how can you possibly take care of clients’ needs? Fixing these and ensuring the content is exciting to read is a great way to make your WordPress site more trustworthy.

  1. About us

Create an About Us page that allows clients to truly know you a little better. A little personal information coupled with some professional certifications that may help you deliver better results to clients should suffice.

  1. A contact page that works

There is no point in allowing clients to reach you yet they won’t be able to reach you. They will also think that you don’t care about this seemingly small part of your website so why would you care about them, a simple single client?

  1. Remove broken links and 404 errors

Remove these links and errors because they may keep your customer from coming back. Use plugins like all 404 Redirect to Homepage, 404page, Broken Link Checker, 404 to 301 and Broken Link Manager to fix or at least redirect users to another page. The best way to make your WordPress website more trustworthy would be to create a custom 404 error page.

  1. Incorporate a newsletter and blog

A blog with regular posts and an invitation to subscribe to a newsletter gives customers the feeling that you won’t disappear on them and that you find it important to connect with them.

  1. Policy statement

Have a page that addresses how any private information like emails will be used. Assure them that they won’t be sold or given to third parties. This will make it easier for clients to provide such information.

  1. Display testimonials from clients

Seeing other people saying great things about your business is an effective way to make your WordPress website more trustworthy.

  1. Pricing should be clearly stated

Hiding your charges will get your clients wondering what else you are keeping from them. Br transparent about it and let them know about any hidden charges. Any custom packages should have their cost clearly spelt out.

  1. Offer a guarantee and refund policy

Offering a refund policy and a guarantee tells customers that you are confident in your products and services and can put your money on them. It transfers the risk from them, as long as you keep your word of course.

  1. Say what websites have featured you

Prominent websites that have featured you will rub off their prominence onto you so display them by all means. It raises your credibility and will make your WordPress website more trustworthy.

  1. Keep any ad banners away

Ads are meant to give you money and if your customers see them they may wonder whether you’re truly making enough and why not. Are your products not good enough or customers just don’t trust you? It may be tempting but resist.

  1. Payment and ordering should be secure  

Money is a sensitive issue. Make your WordPress website more trustworthy by ensuring that the ordering process is smooth and that payment options offered are secure.

Just to remind you, the theme strikes your user first so get a striking and attractive theme that will engage your user and convert them to a regular customer.