How to Make Extra Money on WordPress While You Are Studying

Posted on Jul 29 2019 by in Blog WordPress 

In the modern world, a lot of people earn good money on WordPress. Students do so as well. It is no surprise as there are dozens of ways to make extra money online. Below the most effective ones are described. They do not require a lot of time or a tight working schedule, so you can successfully use some while studying at college.

Developing Your Blog

In the online business, many recommend creating a personal blog. And you should do this too! For example, one can create a separate service page for future customers. Over time, the blog with a portfolio will help to earn evermore. 

The essential part to keep in mind is content. Yet, if you cannot call yourself a good writer and struggle with academic assignments as well, no need to give up. There are many opportunities to order high-quality assistance by means of asking Google something like help write my essay to professional authors. They will deal with any text-related issues. Without a doubt, they can prepare a really engaging article for bloggers. You can turn with a request like.

A good text is the main component of any blog, website, or another Internet project. Without good material, the existence and development of any resource in the network are impossible.

Create and Sell Plugins

If you ever used WordPress as a CMS, you know its pros and cons. But also, you must understand that without the necessary plugins, there are no chances to start a full-fledged blog. 

All bloggers and webmasters use additional plugins to extend the functionality of the project. For WordPress, thousands of features were created. You can find both free and paid ones.

If you managed to find a solution to a problem and implement it by installing your plugin, then for sure some people will be interested in buying such a product. This is an excellent way to make money. If you want to gain profits this way, then create plugins that solve only specific issues. 

There is no need in coming up with multifunctional “remedies.” Better create several plugins, but for particular tasks. You can also develop free plugins with limited functionality. After, for an additional fee, you can offer the people a PRO version. It can include advanced features not available in for free one. 

WordPress Theme Development

If you are studying web design, or just happen to like creating cool themes for CMS WordPress, it is another great way to make good money. Remember, you must create templates for specific topics. There are no universal options that can fit any project. Therefore, you must understand for which target audience these templates will be suitable. If you are interested but do not know how to start or what to do – just search for advice. 

Do not deprive yourself of the opportunity to earn money on creativity even if you are still a first or second-year student. You have probably seen a lot of companies who design fantastic WordPress themes. As a rule, several developers work in such entities. You can also team up with learners from other universities and create your own group of artists.

Customize Your WordPress Blog

One of the easiest ways to make money online using WordPress is to provide a blog customization service. If you have already mastered WordPress, then it will not be difficult. Thousands of people want to use WordPress on their blogs, but not so many have enough skills. 

Your job will be to adjust their blog. This may include working with CMS, scripts, plugins, themes, and so on. If you are PR or communications student (and even is it is not the case), consider SEO analysis as a starting point. For greater success, you should have a portfolio with customer reviews. Create a particular page with examples of already adjusted websites, blogs, and feedback. 

Final Words

To make money on WordPress you do not need to be a high-class professional. One can still be a student providing services not associated with the creation of websites and blogs. For example, you can sell various crafts. Those who like to draw can provide services creating beautiful images, calendars, logos, and so on. 

Above were only a few examples and you can provide other paid services. The main thing is to understand what you can offer and have as much fun as possible doing so!