How to Create a WordPress Contact Page That Will Get You Business

Posted on Dec 13 2015 by in How to sell online 

Every page on a website serves a particular purpose and is therefore important. Some are however overlooked. One of these is the WordPress contact page.

Many website owners assume that any kind of contact page will be sufficient but that is not the case. It is a page like any other and you will therefore need to create a WordPress contact page with proper designing to ensure it brings more business your way.

  1. Simplicity

The WordPress contact page should allow your clients or prospective clients to communicate with you. It should therefore be as simple and as straightforward as possible. It should encourage your clients to trust you instead of wondering whether you are legitimate or leaving them confused.

  1. Reliability

You may have a WordPress contact form but does it work? It may be easier to get a free form but if it doesn’t work you will run the risk of losing potential clients. If your form works well and brings in business, spending a little on it to ensure it keeps working well is definitely an investment worth making.

There are several contact forms worth eploring. Ninja forms, contact form 7, contact form by ContactUs and WP Contact Form Widget are good options to consider.

People visit websites from different devices and mobile phones are most common these days. Your contact form should work well even with mobile devices so that you don’t lose customers from that end. Test your form on multiple devices just to be certain.

  1. Add important links to your WordPress contact page

A WordPress contact page should enable clients to find the business and get in touch with the owner. You also need to include a few more important details on your contact page which include:

i. Boilerplate

This is a description of your business. It tells your clients what you do and is a good way to introduce your visitors to your business.

This description should be short and can be placed on the contact form. You should choose your words carefully and even add important keywords that will optimize your WordPress contact page for search engines. These keywords should describe the products and services that you offer and how your clients can benefit from them.

Keep it very descriptive and interesting enough to get them to browse your website for more information.

ii. Menu to other pages

A contact form that is part and parcel of the site will have a menu similar to what appears on other pages on your site. If you chose to use a different template you will need to add a menu that links to the other pages. This allows your visitors to easily go through your site.

If you have special or different contact pages for different users you should add a link to these too from the main contact page.

iii. NAP

This is an acronym that stands for name, address and phone number. These are important details especially for your local customers. From a SEO standpoint, Google will need to validate your business location and your NAP details should match what is on your WordPress contact page.

Your phone number should also be clickable on a mobile device since many people surf the internet using mobile devices these days. This makes your site more convenient to use.

iv. Social media buttons

Social media is alive and buzzing and is a great place to get more customers and keep in touch with them. Having buttons to social media sites on the contact page will make it easier for them to find you when they are ‘out socializing’.

It would be better if you linked your business profiles if you have any. If you are running the business on your own your personal profile could work just fine. The links or buttons should open into a new page so that they don’t take your clients away from your website.

v. Email links that are clickable

Do your clients prefer to reach you via email? If yes, an email link on your page will be a good idea. The clickable link will directly send an email to your inbox. This feature also makes it easy for mobile phone users to send emails.

4. Google map

If you are a local business and people may need to find your physical location, a Google map will make it easier to find your business. This will give your walk-in clients an easier time finding your office. If the map doesn’t come automatically with the WordPress theme, you can manually add it to your contact page.

Test all of these and get an outsider to give you their opinion on what impression the contact page gives to them. This page can reap great results for your business so create a WordPress contact page that will invite as well as impress your visitors and turn them into clients.