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As we all know, blogging has evolved into one potent form of marketing. However, no advertising campaign can come to fruition without consistency. Therefore, to maximize the efficiency of your blogging campaign you should do the following:

  • Create blog posts that are regarded as relevant content – meaning it should have 2500 words or more, and contain more than enough insight regarding the topic you are covering;
  • Share the previously created content on social networks, and then re-share them after a certain period of time has passed;
  • Generate more than 20 snippets to fully utilize the sharing process (some WordPress themes like The Fondly have great social media support and snippet support);
  • Spin off your old content to generate new posts, it will be more efficient than coming up with new a topic every time, but remember to keep the same level of relevance;
  • Post to places like LinkedIn, Medium and Quora;
  • Don’t focus solely on blog posts, every now and then you should make an infographic or instructographic;
  • Don’t shy away from building a series of guest posts;
  • Create Slideshare presentations and turn them into a webinar;
  • Your online portfolio can benefit greatly if you design an e-book;
  • Videos and podcasts are both potent tools for interaction, engagement and for maintaining relevance;
  • Lastly you should refresh and re-publish some of your more popular content.

Basically this is how you should organize your blogging campaign, if you want to see some positive results. For a more accurate idea of how you should organize, style, and generate content itself, feel free to consult the infographic below prepared by . It provides quality guidelines on how blogging should be done, as well as why it should be done in such manner. Best of luck and have fun generating content and interacting with your users and subscribers.      

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How to Blog
How to Blog – Infographic was created by First Site Guide Team using info from their in-depth How to Start a Blog Guide to help you understand the basics of blogging, numbers and science behind the perfect blog post and its promotion.